Feels Good to Feel Good!

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Default Feels Good to Feel Good!

I got sick 4th of July week and missed my exercise classes (and everything else!). The next two weeks I dragged myself to class but felt very unenthused. I was losing interest in other things too, and not sleeping well. I haven't even opened Fitday, much less kept track of my food, but the exercise classes must be helping.

Yesterday I went for a 3-mile hike in the woods and then did some yard work when I got home. At the end of the day my pedometer read 7,530 steps! That's a big difference from when I started wearing it in June 1st. The first half of June my average was only 2100, with some days as low as 300 (yikes!), so I guess I'm improving there, and I started the classes on June 12th. Still haven't reached my interim goal of averaging 5,000 steps/day over the course of a week, but I can only start from where I am, and I'm planning to get there by the end of August. Then I can start thinking about the recommended 10,000.

You've probably anticipated the news that I slept well last night and actually enjoyed my exercise class today. Yay! And good food tastes SO good after exercising, and a shower feels SO good after sweating.
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That's awesome, Alice! Your post motivated ME! =)

Keep working towards that 5,000 step goal. You're well on your way!

Thanks for sharing!
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I LOVE my pedometer, got it for Christmas. At Christmas time I was averaging about 2,500/day. Keep in mind I was at twice a healthy weight for me with a BMI of 44+, but I have 3 kids and take care of 2 more, so my days are fairly action packed and on the go. Right away I started pushing myself to be more active, and discovered that the difference between my normal every day life and a 10,000 step life, was basically a 30 minute run. I probably could have guessed that, but nope it took a $20 pedometer to figure that out. Anyway good luck with your weight loss journey and keep that pedometer on, it's a great way to motivate. I hit 10,000 consistently after I'd been wearing it for about 6-8 weeks. Now I hit 10,000 before my workout is done, and generally speaking I'm at 15,000+ by bedtime. You can do it.
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Talking You go!!

Keep smiling, keep up the great work and yuo might be interested to hear if you havent already about Zumba. Let me know. I go 5 times a week and have also started doing Bodyflow. Again, you're doing great. is offline  
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You are really awesome. Would love to hear more. I believe that we all have it in us to become who we want. Sometimes we just have to take the time and incarriage ourselves to find out who that person is we are really wanting to see in the mirror. Keep up the great work. If I may ask, how tall are you? is offline  
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The title of the post says it all and describes what I have been feeling for the past 2 weeks or so. I have had no junk food (sweets, etc.) but I have had a couple of cheat meals. But overall, with great diet and exercise, I have felt really good. I have lost some motivation here or there, but I am still exercising. At least doing something almost everyday. Plan on doing some yard work today and cardio tonight.

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Default Hello, New Here

Hello Everyone,

I just joined fitday yesterday. I am 31 years old and I currently weigh 163 lbs and would like to get down to 130lbs. I quit smoking about 56 days ago. I already exercise most days of the week and just most recently signed up for classes at a local fitness studio in which I took a boot camp class last Saturday. I still need to work on my eating habits and thought this site could help with that. It's nice to join you all and open to any suggestions to help. I think my eating is my biggest weakness I mean I do eat alot of fruit and things, but have to try to stay away from that fast food and can sometimes have a horrible sweet tooth. making progress, slowly but surely. Have A Great Day!!
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