ab exercises after multiple surgeries?


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Question ab exercises after multiple surgeries?

Hey everyone I hope that you can help. I basically have no real abdomenal strength due to having 4 ab surgeries. 3 of which cut muscle?? vertically to get in. So needless to say I have like no abdomenal strength. I try to do sit ups or even knee raises hanging from a bar HA out of the question. I can't do them. I can do the plank pose from yoga and it's not too bad but i need to figure out some wy to tone my midsection. I asked the Dr. at my last surgery if they could tighten the muscles up for me or remove some fat and he just chuckled. I don't think they realize that after that many surgeries I have no muscle strength or muscle integrity left it feels like. Am I just that out of shape or does anyone know if surgeries can really diminish muscle strength? Thanks for reading my post.
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I've never had stomach surgery, but I've had a ton of work done on my knee and yes I think surgery does diminish muscle strength, maybe not the surgery itself but not using the muscles while everything heals certainly gives you atrophy (muscle shrinkage). I've also had 3 pregnancies, and had absolutely NO ab strength left after that last baby. During pregnancy my stomach muscles split down the middle, which is fairly common, but after my last child was born they did not mend back together, I had trouble even picking my head up. What I did to get some of it back was simple crunches, slowly up 1, 2, 3, 4, slowly down 1, 2, 3, 4. I had to do this every day for about a year in order to be able to do a full sit-up. But I'm getting some tone back now. You just have to give yourself time.
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I have a yoga for abs dvd that also has a Pilates for abs workout on it, it's called Body Target: Abs by the Gaiam company. The Pilates workout has modifications on it, I've been working on that one for well over a year and still can't do it all. I modify or skip the ones I can't do. It's only been about 2 months now that I even feel like I'm making progress in the ab strength area. My last pregnancy totally wrecked what little ab tone/strength I had. I don't think my belly will ever be flat without surgery, but I'll keep plugging away anyway.
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No doubt you have little ab strength- 4 surgeries! Don't feel too bad if you can't do too much. I would suggest as Almeeker & Lizzycritter to just do some simple not overly intense exercises,at a slow pace and listen to your body.Too sore, painful? Take it easier next day.or use easier exercise.Crunches,Reverse crunches, even just flattening your back while on the ground etc. I assume your fully healed,that you can do planks is a pretty good sign.Trying to do hanging leg raises with little ab control and strength would be no more than an exercise in frustration and possible further muscle pulls injuries.
I think if you are regular you will likely see results fairly fast perhaps weeks, although with your injuries your full potential may take a while. Google " thinking mans guide to ab training" by Ian King,very good over all advice progession on ab work. Just as applicable for women which I am assuming you are.
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