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Almeeker, Wow, Excellent stats! I applaud you for losing so much weight, very inspiring
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MollyVarie - Grats on the wedding and wanting to lose weight. I have read through this post and I can't help but see a pattern that matches other ppl I know who have struggled with weight loss:

1. Deside to lose weight because of a special event,
2. Make an unrealistic goal (too much, too fast),
3. Begin working out a little heavier than you should,
4. Not being prepared for the pain of starting a workout program,
5. Not being prepared for how much work, working out really is,
6. Finding excuses to stop or reduce your workout (including injury).

I, myself, have been though this.

I would suggest you continue your workouts as best you can. Don't worry about what you will weight at wedding time. This should be a life-time change and something you will never stop. If you can't commit to that, then you're not ready mentally, and you need to re-evaluate your life.

I hope this helps, I really am not trying to be mean. I like ppl to be blunt with me, I hope you do too.
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Today I Propped up my leg for the most part, took ibuprofen for my leg and when it came time to go to the gym with my friend I got ready and went, She told me to meet her there at 6:30, I got there and didn't see her, waited 20 minutes and said I'm going in.

Found her there doing her workout. She explained that i should not have waited for her. (nice to know after the fact)

Anyway, doing my workout by myself felt really good. I hit a wall and pushed through it. when it starts to burn i just tell myself its the Fat Melting away.

I am finding that all I can do is do it little by little. I am persevering. Mr. Warlord, I power through the pain, and I'm making every effort I can with out psyching myself out. I've read all the fat stories. I even said I can't tell how many stories I heard about people who don't workout cause it hurts. I'm not that person and I don't want to be that person. So DON'T put me down!

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Molly, try to balance your workouts with exercises that don't put so much pressure on your knees, like cycling, swimming, eliptical etc

If you like running I highly recommend the Couch To 5k program. I am on week 3 and seeing improvements every time I go out there and run. It is program that slowly builds on the running so that you prevent injury. You can find it here: Cool Running :: The Couch-to-5K Running Plan If you have an iPhone or an iTouch you can even get an app for it that coaches you through. I absolutely love it!

Another amazing workout designed to burn fat is Jillian Michaels' 30 Day Shred, available on DVD at any bookstore. It is amazing!

Like others have told you, setting your goals too high can lead to disappointment and you shouldn't put that kind of pressure on yourself... especially since you are heading towards one of life's most important events, your wedding. Try to focus on the fact that your wedding is a celebration of your love, and that should include being loving towards yourself. One day you will look back on this time. Do you want to reminisce about how crazed you became about losing weight and hurting yourself? Or do you want to look back and remember how excited you were and how it was the springboard for your new healthy loving way of life? Whatever weight you lose will be an achievement and you will look beautiful if you feel beautiful. Be kind to yourself and enjoy the journey, not just the destination. Good luck!
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Originally Posted by MollyVarie View Post
Almeeker, Wow, Excellent stats! I applaud you for losing so much weight, very inspiring
Thank you, what a nice thing to say, certainly the nicest thing anybody has said to me today - seriously. Yes, the knee will get better, as long as you give it some time to heal. And it will feel better if you take steps to keep the swelling down, ibuprophen, ice, elevation, immobilization, naproxin etc. You just have to keep at it, even when it feels like none of it is helping.

You certainly can still exercise with a bum knee, believe me. Before, between and after my knee surgeries I did PT for almost 2 years. I was in the shape of my life and still have strong hate feelings towards that beastly PT guy. He used to make me walk backwards on the treadmill for hours on end. BACKWARDS at a fairly steep incline. I also did the stair stepper for maybe 20-30 minutes at a time, every stinking day for 2 years. The stationary bike is also the bomb for bad knees, so long as you keep the seat high and don't put your knee at anything more severe than a 90 degree bend. I'm almost 5'-2" and never put the seat lower than the 4th notch, which is probably perfect for someone about 5'-7". You might consider buying a stationary bike for home use. They aren't too pricey, they are available in compact versions which fit almost anywhere and it's really great for the knees, and the buns and the legs, and if you get one with moving arms it's great for the underarm flap too! All good. And for the most part, a bike workout doesn't hurt the next day. These days I use the bike mostly to warm up for all the other stuff I do, 15-20 minutes at top speed, and I'm ready to take on the world.

I would add that I would love to see you get in great shape and be really healthy, and if that happens by your wedding FANTASTIC, but more importantly I hope that being healthy happens to you for the rest of your life, not just the next 7 weeks. Or is it 6 1/2 now? Anyway I think that is what the other posters are trying to say. I think all of us have gone on a diet for a specific event and then after the event we've dropped the diet and gone back to our old ways, gained it all back and then some. We just don't want to see you make that same mistake, I don't think anyone is trying to be mean, just cautionary. It's great if getting married is your "ah-ha" moment, but don't let it fizzle after the vows are said.

My inspiration for getting healthy and staying there is my family, quite specifically the children. DH already had pretty good habits, but he works all the time. I'm home with the kids and until not too long ago, I had some (not all just some) terrible eating habits and I weighed twice what I should. So consequently I was raising the children to be the same way. I've reversed some of that through example, and some through shear stubbornness. We've got a ways to go, but we'll get there. I see in your photo there is a little girl, maybe after the wedding you can add her to the "healthy" motivation and keep it going strong. Just a thought.
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I am staying positive. Staying reasonable. staying focused on my goals of being healthy and thin no matter how long that takes. I've made a huge commitment to myself, to my daughter, and to my husband. I don't want to burn out so I am taking it slow. running is off my list of things to do. The elliptical and bike are my Cardio and that 1 mile walk to the gym doesn't hurt either.

Day 3 at the Gym is tomorrow. Took my daughter for a walk down to the park and by the water this morning. Broke a fair sweat. Had a small 300 cal. meal for lunch. Feel ok! Can't wait till tomorrow.
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first and foremost... You're Beautiful!!! glad that you didn't stop working out over the knee. There are so many exercies to do that won't hurt your knee. With that said, to actually burn fat you have to get your heart rate up for over thrity minutes. to be more confusing you have to keep it stable within a reasonable bpm (beats per minute) Most gym equipment has heart rate monitors on them-- USE THEM.

be careful not to do a cardio workout--- (the confusing part) a cardio workout works your heart and that is what you condition. puts your body in stress and uses readily available fats not stored fats. the bpm chart on most equipment will show the range according to age. harder is not better.

a fat burning workout-- (what you want) you are laboring your body and it reacts as you want it to. it uses the fat that you have stored --aka thighs and bellies and hips for women. you are not putting your body to its threshold or in other words stressing your heart causing alarm. but it will take your body awhile to register this message - hence the 30 minutes.. but your body will keep burning your stored fat for hours afterward leaving your readily availabe fat alone. get your heart rate--- just not off the chart.

I am going to follow you. totally want to see a picture of you in your wedding gown.
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