"Fast Diet" - Original 5:2 Diet

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Default "Fast Diet" - Original 5:2 Diet

I just discovered this new lifestyle, but I've studied different elements of it for decades.

It's based on two key facts. One about Human biology and another about Human psychology.

Our biology and our DNA was designed, from "The Beginning" in an environment of need and want, not plenty.

Society today is headed toward the goal of feeding every living human being on the planet a sustainable diet. This goal is laudable and notable, but it has no relationship to how we have lived from the beginning of time.

Healthy populations, expected and in their rituals, songs and stories, celebrated times of want and famine and times of plenty and feasting as a normal part of life like the stars and the moon.

Only in relatively modern times has it been possible to feed such a large percentage of the population well ... each and every day.

Human psychology what it is, we are eating ourselves to death. We eat too much, too much of the wrong things and out bodies never get time to ... recover and reset ... as they were DESIGNED to do.

Our SURVIVAL genes are not allowed to activate, which would lower our risks of Heart Disease, Diabetes and Cancer.

We are missing a huge part of our Genetic inheritance of life giving and sustaining protections against disease and pollution because we don't let our bodies enter into a state of RENEWAL ... while not eating.

The FastDiet: Lose Weight, Stay Healthy, and Live Longer with the Simple Secret of Intermittent Fasting: Michael Mosley, Mimi Spencer: 9781476734941: Books

The "Fast" Diet ... is about a balance ... five(5) days ... where you don't have to count calories and with moderation can eat anything ... and two(2) days where you severely restrict your calories to tell your body ... now ... now you an heal and renew.

Following the authors advice, My wife and I fast on Mondays and Thursdays. It's makes for a great Tuesday morning and Friday evening !

You tell your body during those two(2) days of modified fasting ... 500 calories for the average woman and 600 calories for the average man ... turn on the genes we need to survive these times of want ... protect our cells against damage ... heal our bodies quickly as we may be FIGHTING for food.

For me, a light bulb went on ! I realized that all the information that I had gathered about Calorie Restriction ( it's affects on aging and Religious traditions around the globe and their emphasis on denial of self and denial of the body having a basis in the healthy maintenance of the body.

It all clicked ... in one amazing moment. And I knew. This was truth.

Explore for yourself ... I'm anxious to agree, disagree, commiserate and lose weight with any and all comers!

Welcome to the un-diet lifestyle ...

Paraphrasing the authors, "It's a lifestyle, not a life sentence. Want that pizza or slice of cake. Do it. Then fast tomorrow and live life !"

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