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Default Your Meal Habits

So, what do people think in their experience is the best way to consume food for weight loss? By this, i mean do you reckon having an equal calorie balanced breakfast, lunch and dinner is best? Or do you have a big breakfast then smaller lunch and dinner? Maybe you just have one big meal a day and that's it?

What works best for you? I personally still have no idea, so i look forward to reading everyone elses responses!

Jess x
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Many small meals is best for me but then I have to watch that they don't turn into many large meals!!! I should say I have been diagnosed hypoglycemic.

OK so realistically tho I eat 3 main meals (ideally protein and veg tho Ezkiel English muffin or oatmeal for breakfast works) with a whole bunch of small snacks (fruit, nuts, cheese stick, leftovers, etc.) That seems to be doable and good for me and when I plan my meals and stick to it, I lose. No sugar, lowish carb, not too crazy on the dairy. Occasional treats like pizza or dessert (best for me: sugar free dessert like sf cookies or chocolate.)
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