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Paleo/Primal Blueprint/Caveman Diet, Lifestyle

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Probably one of the best ways to moderate how much you eat is to use fitday. I often times will get/make my meal and will input the fitday calculations in before I stuff my face(using my phone). From there I can decide how much to eat and how this meal will affect my day. As far as binging on veggies, keep in mind that you ought to try and keep under 100g of carbs a day (or less for IF/Ketosis), recording your intake with fitday as it happens will help you see the big picture and moderate yourself. The purpose of carbs is not for energy (thats what fat is for), it is for vitamins and nutrients. If you want to really moderate yourself, I recommend eating only broccoli, cauliflower, spinach, and arugula: they seem to have the most micronutirents per carb and are damn filling. If you are worried about a fructose intolerance, Wikipedia's entry on fructose includes a chart of common fruits and their fructose levels as a reference.
Starches, which in the western diet is typically potatoes and yams, seem to have contested commentaries. I believe Mark Sisson says yams are okay in moderation. Listening to Robb Wolf (of the Paleo Diet fame) on his podcast (I think 53), he addresses white potatoes as a nightshade (Don't eat Poisonous Things). The skins on most potatoes are also poisonous, so try to go skinless when you consume. Keep in mind that potatoes will mess with your insulin levels. You can eat a little every once and a while with meals, but personally, I don't eat potatoes anymore.
Fruit juices deliver most of the dietary nutrition of the actual fruit, are easier to store, but suffer a setback. Without the actual volume of the fruit itself (fiber), there is hardly anything to stop the glucose from going straight to the blood, leading to insulin imbalance. My suggestion, eat a salad. Juices also have less nutrients than their regular fruit relatives, due to processing, storage. If you need juice, buy organic fruit and a blender and consume at meals!
Finally, dairy. I have the same problem, I love cheeses and milk. The best way to moderate yourself is go for organic, raw milk, and aged (hence lactose-low) cheeses. None of that processed stuff. The good stuff is expensive, so trust me, you'll learn to cut down.
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Old 01-23-2011, 09:27 AM
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I love Mark Sisson's style and appoach. Have been following it for about five weeks, and lose an average of two pounds of fat a week while still building muscle without supplements or a hell of a lot of exercise. My energy levels are great now that I control my insulin and derive most of my caloric intake from fat.
If you like Sisson, check out Robb Wolf of the Paleo Diet and his podcasts. Arthur Devany is also a great resource for his Evolutionary Diet.
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I think my friend was calling this God's Country. I went online and couldn't find anything related to that, but this is the same ideal and I can say that it works lovely. I've been losing 4-6 pounds a week with working out 5 days a week.

It is hard cutting out the white rice and pasta, but it works for weight loss tho'. Also its hard in that you have to prepare your food often to help avoid processed foods.
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Originally Posted by AAFlaca
Thank you VERY much David. I'm trying to take it all in at the moment. My doctor recommended an eating plan (I've mentioned it on this site in places) that as far as I can tell, is similar to what is mentioned in the primal blueprint. I am reading the primal blueprint currently. It resonates with me. It seems to me that since more often than not I was compliant with low calorie + exercise (no one is perfect) and NOT getting appropriate results, that another factor or factors had to be involved. This (new way of eating) IS working. I am losing weight slowly, but SURELY and I feel good. I do not worry as much about eating low calorie, however, eliminating sweets and eating a lot more vegies has basically made that happen anyway. Can you recommend any other good books for me to read? I AM finding this lifestyle healthy, helpful and fascinating! Thank you!!!
These are a few of the books I have recently read that supports our way of eating.

I have also recently finished school and I am now a Certified Holistic Health Coach. I am trying to move to start a business to Coach those that have chronic inflammation and diabetics. I feel these are the people I can help the most.

The Coconut Oil Miracle

Good Calorie Bad Calories

Eat Fat, Lose Fat: Lose Weight And Feel Great With The Delicious, Science-based Coconut Diet

Why We Get Fat: And What to Do About It

Eat Like An Indian
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Default How long for body to switch over?

I've only recently started low-carb again - about 10 days ago. It's the only way in the past I've been able to loss weight and manage my cravings. But when I went back to eating carbs, I gained it all back plus more.

I read Primal Blueprint this week; I've read several of the other low-carb plans in the past. The one I made work before (10+ years ago) was Sugar-Busters.

How long would you expect it to take for my post-menopausal, 47 yo body to switch over and start actually burning fat full-time? I'm not have any cravings or temptations to go back to starchy carbs, but I'm still kind of tired and my weight hasn't moved yet.

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Thank you Primal Lioness for you post and book suggestions!


I'm 40+ years old.

AFter not losing an ounce eating small portions, low fat and exercising regularly...when I switched to a paleo like diet, I started losing in about a week or so.

My doc put me on a diet similar to the primal blueprint. It is a variation, I suppose. Hard to say, but perhaps I eliminating dairy, sugar and grains about 80-90%. I also ate A LOT more vegetables.

I started losing consistently (knock on wood) about 1-1.5 pounds per week...and my body is looking MUCH better and I feel better.

The weird thing is I was barely exercising doing this. I only very recently started to exercise again, but not as much as I was previously.

I have thyroid issues and a lot of stress in my life. These things are known to cause weight gain and difficulties getting the weight off. (I'm working on these things). Then, there is the additional 'burden' of being over 40.

This new way of eating....no sugar + almost no dairy or grains...seems to be pushing right through all of my obstacles.

I allowed myself sugar on Christmas day and felt sluggish for two days and had cravings too. But after the two days were over, I felt fine.

Hang in there!!!! It's worth it!

BTW, very recently I have decided to eliminate grains 100%...to be even stricter than I was previously. Perhaps the weight loss will go even faster for me....not sure. It's been consistent (the weight loss) and a positive experience overall.

My guess is that you should start losing soon. Be sure to drink plenty of water between meals. Distilled water might be best.

If you continue to not lose, you might want to elminate fruit for now or only have berries in small quantities. Eat LOTS of vegetables...my doctor thinks they help with weight loss.

Sending good thoughts!

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@AAFlaca - thanks!
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Default Paleo/Primal Blueprint/Caveman Diet, Lifestyle

Hi is anyone else on here following a paleo diet and lifestyle. I have 100+ lbs to lose. I have cut out all bread and wheat products from my diet and i am working on the coffee addiction by cutting down to about 4 a day. My diet used to consist of many bread and chocolate. So i am feeling very positive about this diet. Yesterday ALL my RDA's were over. I think this is a big change for me i already feel better. Lots of energy. I am peeing a lot tho. I guess that is just excess water. Emma
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Welcome to FitDay and the forums!

I know we have some members who are doing Paleo or something similar. If you'd like, you might drop into one (or both) of the 100+ to Lose threads (one in the Women's Only subforum and one in Diet Tips). There are lots of great people there who are (or were) in the same situation you are.

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I bought the book, but that's about as far as I've gotten with it.
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