Juice Fast Day 38 Suggestions....

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Default Juice Fast Day 38 Suggestions....

My Dr. order 6 labs and the results where not what I was expecting...... I started this juice fast 38 days ago because I was told I had NAFLD (Non Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease) about 5 months ago. I tried to eat right to correct the condition but to no prevail was not able to get the numbers to go down, so I decided on the fast. The Dr. said I needed to lose weight and eat properly.... gee what could go wrong with eating only homemade veggie and fruit juice?? Its suppose to detox your body and get all the bad stuff out. I was sooooo looking forward to the numbers.... Or was I? A little more back ground... I have been doing great! Lost 42 pounds, had no problems until 3 days ago, I started to feel faint, dizzy, sweaty and my heart rate dropped to 53 while active. So I went to the Dr. today and he cut my Blood Pressure medication down. Tonight at work I started having the same symptoms, I checked my vitals and my Blood Pressure was up and my pulse was 78. Why was I having the same symptoms???? And why now starting at day 36?? When I got home I compared lab results:

Fatty Diet/ Overweight results vrs 38 days Juice Fast results
Liver ALT 89 78
Liver AST 50 48

Thyroid 2.20 1.90

Now the shocker....

CPK 55 93
HDL 28 31
TRIG 303 150
LDL 50 112

If I am strictly eating fruits and veggies why would my CPK, and Cholesterol go up? Anyone have any suggestions??
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???Maybe because you're not eating the healthy fats and fiberous foods that can help lower those things???

Just a guess; I'm not a medical professional. Did your doctor recommend the juice fast?

I'm really a firm believer in eating a variety of foods, so my answer may just reflect my bias. . I also believe that you have to fuel your body properly to make it healthy and also to lose weight, and for me, a juice fast doesn't seem to do that, but to each his/her own.
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Wow, foremost, congratulations on really sticking to that juice fast.

But, did your doctor advise the fast? I would talk to him about your concerns and see if he could advise a nutritionist. One consultation would never hurt!

Also, remember, there is no 'quick fix' to most health problems. A juice fast for such an extended period of time might be putting a lot of stress on your body?

I'm not an expert though, so I don't know =/
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