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Originally Posted by aranki View Post
I've been on 0 carbs but some of the processed meats have some carbs, it does not add up to more than 10 to 19 grams according to Fitday totals. I keep my calorie deficit between 500 to 600 per day. I also added 30 minutes of workout 4 days a week (treadmill and weight lifting). I'm type 2 diabetic with daily blood sugar of 132 to 136.

I'm not sure if being diabetic has anything to do with Atkins not working as well for me this time around.
This is not good. The Atkins Nutritional Approach (ANA) requires at least 10-15 net carbs (nC) per day in green vegetables. All carbs (or calories, too) are not created equal. Some carbs satisfy your apetite better than others--and work on your metabolism better and provide better nutrients to your body.

I was diagnosed as hypoglycemic in 1979. Following the ANA allowed me to push the flip into diabetes (predicted to be 7-10 years in my future) to just this Fall. I got 32 years of controlling my blood sugar with the ANA before it no longer worked. The Atkins Nutritional Approach is often recommended to people with diabetes.

Being diabetic often slows weight loss, though. There are several members of my group page on facebook, Lo-Carb Fat Camp, who are diabetic and share their journeys with us. One has lost almost 200 lbs and it took her about 3 years, I think. The other is losing about 40 lbs a year, while the non-daibetics are losing more like 80 lbs a year.

PS: My weight loss before diabetes was much faster than after. I went to the diabetes doctor because my numbers (carbs, fat, calories) were the same, but I was gaining weight. I took the various tests and found out that I am now diabetic. Now that I'm on metformin, I have begun losing again.

I think we caught it fairly early--my A1C (90 day glucose) was ideal, but my GTT was horrible! Two hours after the glucose drink, my count was 245.

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