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Old 10-04-2011, 11:47 AM   #11
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Hi Marco -- I'm glad you've posted here and don't want to be negative, but to be honest I'm pretty skeptical about Ehret's claims.

Ehret's idea that all diseases are caused by mucus is not credible today. The revolting language Ehretists use to describe digestion ("the human cesspool" etc) sounds more like neurosis than science. Personally I think this stuff's best consigned to the history books along with eugenics and measuring heads.

If this kind of diet's working for you, though, all power to you; it doesn't mean the theory's right, but it does mean the diet's interesting. We're all about the numbers here, so maybe tell us your age, level of fitness before you started, what exercise you've been doing and how your body and fitness levels have changed over the last year. That's the acid test, really.
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I think Ehret's theory works very well with everybody that try it.

I started in november 2010 with a water fasting of 14 days and 14 nights. Before this my weight was more or less 85 Kg. During water fasting i've lost more or less 8 Kg.

After fasting i did 14 day by eating only juicy fruits and so i lost more than 10 Kg.

in the following months, eating only fruits and raw vegetables, my weight has dropped in this way:

december 2010: 67 Kg.
gen 2011: 62 Kg.
feb : 59 Kg.
march : 57 Kg.
april: 54 Kg.
may: 52 Kg.
june: 50 Kg.

And now my weight turn aroung 50 Kg. I'm 37 and i'm 1,74 meter tall. Several tables should tell that i'm underweight, but i don't feel like these because my bones are thin (featherweight). In addition, I practice a lot of enemas, so i don't have the typical 5-7 Kg. of fecal residue that ordinary people have in their intestines.

It is noteworthy that throughout this period I have enjoyed excellent health, vital energy, and I have never sick.

So i think, after my experience, that Arnold Ehret tells the truth about everything, and if you try, you know.

During this period, I was very careful to respect the food combinations to avoid fermentation and acidification of the body.

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Old 10-04-2011, 06:16 PM   #13
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Thanks Marco, that's good information.

18kg in a month is a heck of a fast rate of weight loss, and my bet is that most of that would have been water and muscle. After that you obviously settled down to a close-to-maintenance level of calories, and it sounds as if you've had no ill effects overall. You've certainly achieved a low level of body fat, which is no mean feat.

Rather than pontificating, though, I'm hoping someone with some medical / nutritional knowledge might step in with more informed comments than I can give.
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Old 10-04-2011, 10:05 PM   #14
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In my opinion, the secret is to listen very well your body and not blind following of medical suggestion or tables values.

And in my experience i find out that a lot of ideas and opinions (medical and nutrition ), considered as absolute true, actually are false.

If you try, you'll find out :-)

My suggestion is to do not believe in nothing, before to try and to check it.

The real knowledge passes only through the experience; and so there aren't experts, doctors or nutritionists, but there is only our experience that can check and give real knowledge.

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Old 10-19-2011, 04:14 PM   #15
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Marco! I am so glad I found you.

I have read some of Ehret's works and have a general knowledge of the diet. My boyfriend is the real Ehretist, however. His whole family has a great knowledge of his theories. Most of them try to stick to at least a transition diet and practice rational fasting regularly. I can tell you honestly, these are the best looking, strongest, smartest people I have ever met. When they are at their best, truly following their diets, they are superior beings. They do not sweat; they do not need sleep; they speak of a mental clarity that I have only before read in Ehret's teachings.

I, myself, had been a vegetarian for several years before meeting my boyfriend. When we moved in together I started eating a transitional/fruitatarian diet. A year ago I started expecting my first child and completely strayed from the diet; adopting more of Cookie Monster's philosophies than I should have. My son, little LA, was born very healthy in July, but I never completely healed from the birth. I had been to several doctors trying to figure out why my recovery time was so extensive. My BF kept reminding me I could heal myself if I focused on my nutrition. I kept eating unnaturally and continued to get worse.

Two weeks ago I was diagnosed with cancer. Since I came home from the doctor I have been back on a transition diet. I have done a few water fasts only lasting about 20 hours each. I am hesitant to fast for longer because I am still breast feeding little LA and fear I will not produce enough milk for him. My transition diet differs from what Ehret suggests in that I eat about 80% raw fruits and veggies and one cooked meal of veggies per day. My plan is to continue my transitional diet and move to a mucusless diet by the end of this year. In January BF and his family will help me to begin following a Grape Cure diet. I want to heal myself with proper nutrition rather than fighting with chemicals and absolutely believe it can be done.

Am I remembering correctly from your previous posts that you have been on the diet a year or more? I would love to hear about your experience and success. Also, you said in an earlier post "During this period, I was very careful to respect the food combinations to avoid fermentation and acidification of the body." This is one of my greatest fears of this diet. I have done extensive research and the only flaws I am finding are with people sometimes loosing teeth due to the high acid content of fruit leeching the body of necessary minerals.

This page talks about one man's experience with different variations on Ehret's diet. He talks about this problem and his solution is eating mostly melons with low acid content. I also though of adding more calcium rich fruit and veggies to my diet such as kale, apricots and figs. I am wondering how you avoid over acidifying with this diet.

I look forward to hearing about your experiences. Thank you!

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Old 11-29-2011, 10:49 AM   #16
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Hi!! i'm glad too! :-)

it's been one yaer that i'm raw-foodist/fruitarian and it's...wonderfull!

I suggest to you to buy anne osborne's book "Fruitarianis. The path to paradise"

here the site:

link removed

food combining are simply:

-eat fruits far from meals
-don't mix sweet fruits with acid fruits

-don't mix starchy with proteins, sugars and acids
-don't mix proteins with starchy, sugars and acids
-don't mix fats with proteins, sugars and acids

Avocado is a fat, but is an exeption and can be mixed with acid like lemon or lime.If you eat avocado, don't add another kind of fat like oil or similar. Only one kind a time.

If eat proteins, only one kind a time.
If eat starchy, only one kind a time.

-Don't use vinegar, but lemon if you want an acid taste
-leave salt and sugar

-Don't drink in a meal, but if you want half an hour before, or 3 hours later.

That could be happen only if the person is really full of mucus and toxins. In my experience nothing like that happened. My teeth are very strong.

I hope to give you some support, but if you have other question, ask me :-)

See you

marco g l

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Old 03-03-2012, 08:18 PM   #17
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I am seriously considering starting this life change. I have serious chemical dependencies such as alcohol and cigarettes. I would be interested to see how much depression and suicide could be avoided by changing what we eat. I eat relatively well though I do crave potatoes and occasionally meat. I read Ehret's book, the Mucusless Diet but I am still unclear on how to begin. Any suggestions?
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Old 03-04-2012, 07:39 PM   #18
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To each his or her own, I suppose. In the past, I did juice or raw food fasts but it is not a lifestyle I would choose. According to his biographer, Steve Jobs often followed a fruitarian diet. He still wound up getting cancer. Then again, the author of The Crazy Sexy Cancer Diet says that raw foods and juices saved her life.

I also tried food combining but honestly these kinds of programs just don't interest me or work for me.

I have hypoglycmia and so lower carb seems to work better for me. Plus I love cooking and cooked food. As I said, to each his or her own. Good luck with it.
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Old 01-17-2013, 04:38 PM   #19
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Originally Posted by marcomandolino View Post
Hi to everybody,

i'm Marco from Italy. Now it's nearly one year the i started a muculess diet of Arnold Ehret. I started with a 14 days (and 14 nights) water fasting, and then i continued in direction of raw food and fruitarianism. In last 2 months i eat nearly only fresh fruits (also tomatoes and lemons, that are fruits).

I experienced severals style as liquidarian diet, only fruits, mono-diet (only apples), etc. Before this, i was vegeterian since 19 years. Now i'm 37.

I like to swaping experiences and so if there is some ehretist, raw foodist or fruitarian i'll be happy to talk about theese topics.

Thanks a lot to averyone,
Peach and Love
ciao marco! mi chiamo Alfredo...vivo in Canada. (Montreal)

Are you still doing raw foods in Milan? I will be visiting Milan in April. I would love to know some good places to get some fruits and veggies. organic maybe?

Let me know, so we can connect. I have some questions for you. Parlo anche italiano, pero non e a cento per cento lo scritto

a presto, fratello!
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Old 02-07-2013, 02:39 AM   #20
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Default New to forum and reading Arnold's books now.

Hello marcomandolino so good to hear you talk about his work, I am in the middle of reading his book and loving it, I hope to one day be a fully fledged member of his work. I am currently fasting every other day and must say that it's easy and feel great. So great to hear from you.
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ehret, fasting, fruitarian, raw

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