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On Day 5 Phase One India & Neris Idiot Proof Diet... Anyone doing the same diet??? >

On Day 5 Phase One India & Neris Idiot Proof Diet... Anyone doing the same diet???

On Day 5 Phase One India & Neris Idiot Proof Diet... Anyone doing the same diet???

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Smile On Day 5 Phase One India & Neris Idiot Proof Diet... Anyone doing the same diet???


My name is Jules and I started my diet on 6 August weighing 252lb... the heaviest I have ever weighed! I am determined to lose enough weight to fit into a pair of size 14 jeans... so not sure how much weight that will be! Currently in a size 20 jeans! [uk sizes]

I am 47, have a lovely family, consisting of hubby, two sons and two daughters, two grandchildren and 2 dogs and a horse!!

I currently work part time 21 hours and love my job. Although I may be changing soon and working 37 hours... more money less freetime...

My weight history is like this...

Child - chubby, big boned, taller than everyone else
Teen - tall, big boned, size 14 when I left school
1st wedding - dress size 14 - age 19 - quite happy
1st child - age 21 - dress size after birth 20 [took couple of years to get to size 16]
1st Divorce - decided to lose weight and be more attractive size 14 again
2nd marriage - age 29 weight 10stone 7lb dress size 12 - thinnest I have ever been
2nd child - age 30 after birth dress size 18
3rd child - age 31 after birth dress size 20
2nd divorce - slimmed down to size 12 /14 once again... [see a pattern here?]
3rd marriage - dress size 16 - very happy and comfortable with this man 2004

since then I have hovered between size 18 - 20 why is this I ask myself....

I look so out of shape it is awful to look in the mirror, I have folds of fat that I wish weren't there... I have always had big boobs but these are way to big! My tummy is huge, I look pregnant some of the time... I don't feel sexy or look sexy and I have to say this is affecting me more than I like to admit...

My hubby is chubby but he has started exercising more and is hoping to lose weight this way... he loves me and I love him and we are sort of made for each other in so many ways... the difference is I can't eat the amazing food he prepares as it is too fattening and rich for me... and he thinks I am rejecting him when I don't eat it... [this is where the fix is needed]

I have decided to do Neris and India's Idiot Proof Diet because it allows me to have many of the things we like to eat - just cuts back on the carbs...

So I am on day 5 of phase 1... so far I have lost about 4lb [I sneaked a peek at the scales this morning] weigh in day is Sunday morning!!

Phase 1 lasts two weeks or longer if you can manage it and have a lot of weigh to lose.... I plan to stay on phase 1 for 16 weeks taking me to the end of November... by then it would be great if my party dress for Christmas could be a size 16...

I really need a few online buddies to help me stay on target and get there... no matter what diet you are on I will happily offer my support to you...

If you are doing this diet it would be great - not essential...

Hope to hear from somebody soon

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I've never heard of that diet. However, low-carb diets tend to act very quickly, as you've noticed. There have been lots of explanations that the loss is 'water weight' but I think you need that positive feeling at the beginning of a diet that you are losing weight!

More important than anything, you need the support of your husband. If he's someone who likes to cook certain foods, he's got to be willing to low-carb it, too, if he's feeding you and other people. One drawback to a diet that asks you to cut out (or cut down on) certain food groups is that it really has to be something you can live with or you will simply put the weight back on. I'm sure you've lost weight before in your life so 'losing' isn't so hard as 'keeping it off,' which is what challenges anyone who has to face food every day.

Good luck, whatever you decide!
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Default Neris & India Diet

Hi Jules

Saw your post about the Neris & India diet, I have done atkins before but gave it up because on the second week I put weight on and it completely ruined my confidence. I have read most of the book and am starting on tuesday (tomorrow is shopping and meal planning day). I am really keen to get started as I have a lot of weight to lose.

Be great to hear from others who are on the diet and would love to know how your getting on Jules.

Lu x
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Hi I am new here and while I have never heard of this diet I hope you do well on it. I lost 65 lbs 5 years ago doing weight watchers go pregnant and had my son went up about 20 and I am back down 32lbs. I started weight watchers again today and hope to lose another 25. Good luck and you can always find support here.
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