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Default Hi All

This is my first post here and I am on my second round of hCG. The first round I did 21 days during the xmas holiday. lol Yeah I know not the best time to ever start a diet. Well I managed and I lost 20lbs I was using the homeopathic drops (11 drops 3x a day).

I waited till the end of March to start my second round to see if I could keep the weight off and I DID. This time I went with the PURE hCG drops (3 drops 4x a day). I get mine from Gaurdian of Edan and they are a lot less expensive than most sites are charging for theirs. So far I am down just over 10lbs this round but I have had a few unexpected nonplan days . I didn't do to bad I didn't gain any weight but I didn't lose any weight for 2 days after . When I started I was losing about 2lbs a day and I am planning a 45 - 60 day round this time depending on drop immunity because I want to lose 100+ pounds.
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Talking Hello

Also my first post here... was surprised to find HCG here as I didn't think it was very popular lol i was wrong!
I am on Maintenance after 1 round of 32 days of HCG. starting another round in 2 weeks or so. lost 25 pounds and 29 inches.
I am using fitday as a journal to keep track of 1500 calories/day and I am still having trouble getting it all in!! Imagine that!!
Using the homeopathic drops .5 cc's 3x/day

Am so glad I found HCG! I never thought something would actually work. I am on a few HCG sites thru facebook that guide you, some i like, some i don't.

I am looking for a buddy or two to do this with side by side as I have a few more rounds to do. can't figure out how to add someone on fitday as a friend to share journals etc with so any help would be appreciated.

Hubby is also doing it but, it's not the same with him as another friend outside the home lol and he is on the protocol while im on maintenance.. we are opposite each other /sigh

also, any of you can add me on facebook : [email protected]
the more the merrier just mention hcg and ill accept lol


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Default Starving!

I am on my 5th day including the 2 load days. I am STARVING! I know I've lost a pound but haven't weighed in except for the 2nd day so it's probably more. I am using the injection through a physician.

The first 2 official days I ate 3.5 oz of tuna w/Romaine (2 cups instead of 1.5) 2 small apples and a Wasa cracker.

Last night I ate 3.5oz of tuna with 2 cups of broccoli instead of Romaine. I felt a little better then.

And here I am ravenously hungry and a little shaky. Any advice? )
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Hi Flittle you may need to up your dose I do the drops and I was sort of hungry the first time around so I was instructed to up my dose because you shouldn't be hungry. Are you getting enough water? You should be drinking half your weight in ounces. I know it seems like a lot but it really does help with the weight loss.

Personally I avoid tuna a 6oz can of albacore is 2.5 serving with 70 calories and 1 gram of fat per serving, so that's 175 calories, and 3 grams of fat per can. If I'm gonna have that many calories I'm gonna have a steak. lol As for the romaine I eat it everyday I also mix in the baby field greens and instead of using a measuring cup I actually weight it out 2 cups is 85 grams which is about 3 ounces. I do splurge on the lettuce and the first few weeks I do 5oz at a time which is about 40 calories.

I am actually having the exact opposite problem the last few days. I'm not hungry and can't get down the 500 calories so starting tomorrow I will add an extra protein in the morning and see how it goes.
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I agree, if you are truly hungry vs. head hungry then you need to up your dose. Truly hungry is "I will eat anything including brussell sprourts", head hungry is when you stand in front of the refrig. and say "that doesn't sound good" or "I don't want that right now". Remember when using HCG at the proper doseage your blood is full of "food". It is getting it from your fat stores. You should not feel hungry. Good Luck!
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Question Hi all

Hello all..

I've ordered the drops, and recieved them. I started April 3rd, and in 7 days I lost 6.4lbs and 9 inches. I had to temporarily go off the HCG protocol because I am diabetic and I started to have low blood sugar problems, so my endocrinologist who is monitoring me on this HCG program, had me go off for 7 days. I haven't gained any inches, but I did gain 1 lb.

He suggest that I follow a low calorie version of the south beach diet since my body obviously needs some sugar in my diet. Has anyone tried a higher calorie diet with HCG protocol of say 800-1000 calories per day?

I really want to lose about 75lbs. I am 5ft tall and currently 200lbs (scale runs back and forth between 199.8 and 200.2). I started a diet and exercise program last year and lost 40lbs. I want to get down to about 120'ish.

I figure I would do 2 rounds maybe 3 and I should be close to my goal weight if can figure out the best way to manage my blood sugars.

Any advice would be appreciated.

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If you read Pounds & Inches dy Dr, Simeion the creator of the hCG diet he advises diebetics to add a serving of protien in the morning for blood sugar issues.

FREE HCG Diet Info - Dr. Simeon's Pounds and Inches - FREE eBook!

Anyone doing the hCG diet needs to read this book. Even if you are dr. supervised or going through a clinic to get the injections. There are to many variations of the original diet out there that allow foods that are not on the original diet. Also another trend I have found is that most are only having "2 load days" the original is "3 load days" and there is a reason for this read the book and find out. This is a downloadable free copy of the book. I like this copy because it includes charts to log you daily weight loss and dosage amounts. Besides the charts and good information this copy is downloadable and it includes lots of hcg freindly recipes too.

ok Sorry for the rant ;-)

I am having a problem eating the 500 calories and was wondering if anyone else is having the same problem? By the time I finish my protien I can barely eat anything else and because I am not hungry I forget to eat. I have noticed lately like for the last week I am lucky to eat 350 calories a day.

I am thinking of cutting back on my drops from 4 drops 3x a day to 3 drops 3x a day. Whats the opinion on this, and has anyone else experienced this type of problem?

because someone asked I said I would share
I am female and 40yrs old, 5'2" tall
my dream weight 115lbs my realistic weight 135lbs

hCG round 1 21 days + 3 load days
Start Dec 15th 2009 weight 245
Finsh Date Jan 6th 220.

hCG round 2 45 days + 3 load days
Start date March 26th weight 220
I have had a few off plan days this round which have set me back but that is my own fault
Current weight 205

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I love HCG.. I just finished a 23 day round and lost 15 pounds. I am planning on doing another round, but first I want to get back in the habit of exercising and building some muscle, so it will work better.

I have this to be true with me.

1) I platuea around right before my period and ovulation. all the other days I am losing weight. I can get quite discouraging if you are not expecting it, so if this happens to you, its normal.

2) your first round will probably be your most potent. For me, my first round I was hungry all the time, but I lost the most weight. Previous rounds were not AS successful, but still very successful.

I made the mistake of not making exercise a priority. After HCG, I no longer had an appetite, and I thought I could control my weight just through healthy diet, but what happened, is that my calories became so restricted, that my body no longer knew how to metabolize carbs.

I learned the hard way, that although this protocal rocks! At the end of the day, I still did not have the body I was expecting. I was lighter, but not as sculpted.

Before doing this last round, I hit the gym for 8 weeks. I must've been eating at least 3000 calories a day, without any consequence.

I did a round of HCG, and the fat just melted off, you can see some parts of my abs!!!!

I recommend doing yoga, or some sort of soft body building to keep up your tone, and then making sure you eat your protein after your workout. Your results will be a lot better.
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On day 4 lost 5.8lbs. as of this morning. I haven't really been hungry but I did have a huge headache the 1st two days & was feeling weak. Took advil for the headache & the weekness went away after the 1st few days.
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Question Are Supllements Allowed On HCG Diet?

Everything is going well. My average lose is 1 pound a day. But I feel as though my muscles ache more. Any suggestions? Perhaps vitamins? I'm only on week one so I plan to start a workout regiment, but I'm concerned about my energy level and soreness. Are supllements allowed?
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