have HYPOTHYROID problems. diet?

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Originally Posted by tammy1234567

I am 51, had hypo thyroid for 4 years. No matter what, I cant loose weight.

Is anyone else with problems like this. sure would help to know I am not the only one.

Any one had success on a certain diet plan?

Would love to hear from you

thank you

This is my first post, but I wanted to respond because I'm much in the same boat as you, and I recently lost 19 pounds. I am 47, Hashimoto's (always cold, hair loss, insomnia), and I was overweight. I run, was considering getting a personal trainer because even all my gym time could not get the weight off; it was like my metabolism slowed completely. Nothing I did worked, and I was desperate.

An acquaintance told me about the HCG diet and I decided to try it. I was a skeptic, and currently enrolled in Weight Watchers (even though I failed at it twice before), but I would try anything at this point.

I have to preface this with a few things: first, I am a disciplined person, and I can follow directions and exercise regimens, as long as they are reasonable. Second, I CANNOT diet if I am hungry, dizzy, weak, etc., which is all the things I felt on Weight Watchers. It was never enough food for me, which is probably why I failed at it. Twice.

I went to an HCG counselor and started the program. It does take discipline, but it is very simple, very healthy, and I was never, ever hungry. The amazing thing about the program is that the weight loss is rapid, so 42 short days later, the weight was gone.

Now though, to maintain my current weight, I am completely Paleo, by Mark Sisson. He has a website you can check out, "Mark's Daily Apple", for inspiring stories and great weight loss tips. I use his recipes, his book, all his advice; it's basically an extension of the HCG thing with no pasta, rice, legumes, sugar, potatoes. There are lots of before/after pictures of people who lost weight on this type of eating, but I didn't discover this site until after I lost my weight. Otherwise, I think it's really good, and it works for me.

I hope I didn't drone too long, but if it can help you, I wish you all the best.
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Hi, I am 59 and also hypothyroid. I have it under control with levothyroxine. I eat according to the plate plan that I learned from our local dietician. I eat nothing white, no dairy, no sugar, only whole grains and mostly organic. I fill one half of my plate with veggies, 1/4 with protein source (no red meat), and 1/4 with whole grain or sweet potatoe. I have lost 12 lbs so far on this way of eating. It is not a diet it is the way I will eat the rest of my life. Healthy Eating as a way of life is the way to look at it, not a diet. Good luck. You CAN do it!
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You guys are such an inspiration. I have had this same problem and have been trying to figure out what to do. I am going to the doctors later this month to find out if I have a thyroid issue, but everything you described is almost exactly what I deal with.
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I wanted to add that I too take T3 and T4. I have my thyroid medication bioidentically made. However, you can get a prescription for both. Some docs wont give the T3 and if you need it (specialized blood test is needed) and do not receive the prescription, then it will be profoundly hard to lose weight.

AFter getting my thyroid corrected, I was better, but it was still kinda hard to lose weight. I certainly had more energy to exercise, etc.

Then, I cut out carbs (with the exception of lots of vegetables) and the weight loss (FINALLY) started to happen.

If you are unsure if your thyroid medication is where it should be, consider getting a second opinion.

And honestly, I do believe low or reduced carb is the way to go for those over 40 with hypothyroidism.
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Yup, me too. I'm 49 and carrying 10 extra pounds. I'm on a natural thyroid med and getting re-checked in April. These 10 pounds came on fast - the last five anyway. I'm so mad at myself for letting this happen.

I agree with AAFlaca and others about reducing carbs. This is exactly what made me gain this extra weight - carbs, evil carbs. They don't even agree with me Even healthy grains. So no more.

I'm pretty Paleo - (usually) except for yogurt. I also like to follow the Specific Carb Diet for my digestion.

I'd like to count calories but it so time consuming when your making your own soups and things - geesh.

Best wishes to all us hypos.

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Default more thing (if you can stand it!) LOL!
For me, I have discovered that dairy is also an issue. I can have it only once in awhile. Period. Like one serving, once a week (maximum!) goes...
1. Low carb diet. Veggies and lean meat is the way to go. NO (NADA) grains, pasta, rice, potato, bread, sugar. VERY limited fruit and dairy (Greek yogurt probably best). Sweet potato perhaps once or twice a month (no more).
2. Double check thyroid medication. T3 might be needed, as well as T4.
3. Moderate exercise

Hey, that's the good part. I'm exercising LESS and doing much better since I have done the other things!!!! FINALLY, that scale is going DOWN and I feel GOOD tooooo!!!

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Hi, am also a hypothyroid patient for last 12 years. I am taking natural thyroid. After trying various things to loose weight, here is what I am doing
Working out with a team 3 times and on my own for 2 times a week.
trying to log my foods in fit day log.
trying to eat under 1500 calories with 40 - 30 - 30 carbs, protin, fat.
I have lost about 5 lbs and 2% body fat.
I want to loose about 15 lbs in 3 months. suggestions please!
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Hi I am also Hypo thyroid since a pregnancy in my late 30's. I am now in my mid 40's. My weight problem started at the same time as the thyroid issues and also right around the same time my sweet tooth and my appetite kicked in big time.
I am trying the Flat Belly Diet, seems to be going ok so far. Not really too hungry although I have a hankering for sweet stuff after meals. My husband is doing it with me which helps. The drawback is I am use to feeling a little fuller and to eating quite a bit more. The pounds are starting to come off!
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I have been hypothyroid since my 20s (56, now) and have reached my goal using homeopathic hcg. I know it is very controversial but Atkins took me only so far. I now eat Paleo and do add Fage yogurt. Many people are afraid of the hcg, but the sublingual homeopathic form (no I do not have anything to do with selling, etc) DOES work. Do a google search for before and after photos, videos, etc. and you will have your answer to that life-long weight struggle!! :
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