Low carb breakfasts

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breakfast is the hardest to tackle but here is how I found success. I work-out and stick to my food plan 6 days a week and I give myself 1free day..and that day i usually pick breakfast to really due all the damage i can do to myself.. sooo now you know that you will have 1 day of breakfast anything goes.. on the other 6 days I start my morning with 16 oz of water and 16oz of freshly made veggie juice. combos like spinach and celery.or cucumber and watercress with ginger. these are also great ways to curb your carbs.. and breakfast is all about CARBS..good luck evie is offline  
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There are the same numbers of calories in a protein gram as in a carb gram. So what do you accomplish by having a 'low-carb' breakfast? Maybe you want to pump up your protein because it's more satiating (true) but oatmeal is also satiating and yet it's not a protein dish. I think you have to look at your plans for the day.

Cutting out the carbs = having a steak for breakfast. If you're planning your day and want a big huge fat portion of your calories, that'll do ya. It will also pump up those calories because fat has almost twice the calories in a gram than either carbs or protein.

Best low-carb breakfast-y thing I can think of is an omelette with some cottage cheese, for example - but nothing else! Add bread or potatoes and you're no longer low-carb.

If you're not concerned about making it a 'meal,' then a whey smoothie that you make yourself with some splenda, liquid egg whites and some vanilla can go down easy (no fruit - that's carbs) and will give you lots and lots of protein.

Low-carb diets tend to be very high in fat, meaning more calories. If you're doing low-carb, go with it but stick with it. Because all the fringe stuff you always thought was tasty is going to be off limits. No fruit. Not even toast for breakfast. Skip the cereal. Even vegetables have carbs. By the time you learn to live with that, you'll be so bored with protein that you are eating a lot less of the same things over and over. That's why low-carb diets tend to be low-cal diets if they are followed strictly.

You're going to end up saying 'No' to foods - do you want them to be carbs or calories that get that 'no'?
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One of my favorites is an alternative hash brown dish.

1 cup grated rutabaga
1/2 chopped onion
Canadian back bacon or leftover chicken breast
olive oil for cooking
sea salt
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I'm on a low carb diet and my usual breakfasts are as follows:

Fat free plain Greek yogurt (low in carbs) with Fifty 50 brand low carb jam or liquid Splenda and berries/Tropicana "Light" fruit punch or berry blend (low carb)/coffee with Calorie Countdown milk (low carb)

Puffed Kamut with Calorie Countdown milk (puffed kamut is like puffed wheat but has more fiber making its net carbs low (under 10 carbs per cup))

Yum! Fat free cottage cheese pancakes (find it on the net). It does contain about 1 Tbsp white flour per serving, but that's not much. There is a little fat, but one pancake is very satisfying with sugar free syrup or Fifty 50 jam. [I find Fifty 50 jam in the health/diet section of my store. Not sure if it would be amongst the other jams.]

Low carb flax seed muffins (find it on the net). Flax seed has so much fiber that the net carbs are zero. Other ingredients add only a couple of net carbs.
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Default Low Carb Breakfast

I keep a supply of boiled eggs in my refrigerator for breakfast. You can also have a protein shake.

There is a forum you can go to called, they have a wonderful recipe section. Also go to Linda's Low Carb Menu's and Recipes website, it's wonderful.
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I ate 3 strips of bacon along with 2 hard boiled eggs or just scrambled eggs with tea or coffee.
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SisterJen's idea of mozzarella and tomatoes is one of my favorites as well. Yum.

Protein and veggie soups are high on my list.
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