Raw food diet, anyone?

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Thumbs up Raw food diet, anyone?

I'm a norwegian girl of the grand ol' age of 22. I've been a vegetarian for 11 yrs now, and I just found out (in jan.) I'm also a celiac, which means no more wheat, rye or barley for me. I've struggled with my weight since my preteens, and I'm looking to change my way of life for the rest of my time here on earth. I really want to go raw and completely green!
Are there any of you who have some experience with this type of diet? Or maybe someone else is looking to yhis particular way of living as an answer to?
I've just located an organic farm only 6 min on the bus from my home! And I live in one of the biggest cities in Norway (which is a small city on a worldly basis :P) Anyway I'm so happy about that, becouse being a small country, we also have smaller good organic offers around.
So any tips and tricks you might have to share, please do!

Good night, I'm going to bed now, its 11 pm over here and I've just started at the university, so being well rested is a good thing

(p.s. if my grammar, spelling or sentences are slightly weird or incorrect I apologize, and blame it on the norwegian-thing
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Default Raw Food

Hello from North America! I am a raw-foodist, when I can afford it. I do recommend it. The biggest challenges for me are eating with friends, being hungry more often, and affording so much produce. I signed up on FitDay to keep track of the nutrients I am getting and to track my weight-loss. I have learned a little bit about raw food, so if you have any questions, let me know!
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Hi there,

I just started a detox diet today... that basically goes with what you're trying to do. I'm buying organic and gluten free (for celiacs) and trying to eat mostly raw fruits and vegetables. Today wasn't a great day as I became very sick. I would recommend making changes slowly to your diet taking weeks to complete the transformation especially when you have stomach problems. Although because you're already a vegetarian this should help. I am currently using herbal tea and drinking lots of water with lemon squeezed in it as well as taking more vitamins. Good luck with your new pursuit and that's awesome that you found an organic farm so close!
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Your English seems excellent. Makes me sad I'm not bilingual Anyway . . .

I'm a little puzzled by your choices and would like to hear more so I can better understand where you are coming from.

You choose as a young girl to restrict your diet (no meat). Now you will have to restrict your diet more due to the celiacs. It sounds like these dietary changes have not served you well. You still have struggled with your weight, and you just sound generally dissatisfied, based on your search for something different.

So why, when restricting the foods you can eat has not worked out well, is your reaction to go to even STRICTER restrictions on what you can eat?

It depends on what you've been eating for the past decade but I'm very skeptical that a raw food diet will be an improvement over your vegetarianism.
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Default newbie from texas ;P

cool! i'm going to start my raw food diet also on sunday [after i get back from my mini vacation and get paid ] i actually found a website that is helping me called
it helped me with what i should be shopping for and recipes and other stuff... i had gone vegetarian for a short while when i was in highschool, but it never stuck and was difficult to maintain in my family... now i'm living on my own and want to try this... although i'm still going to be eating some cooked foods so i don't collapse at school hehehe
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