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I'm trying to get the hang on this whole low carb thing.
I'm having trouble sorting out the whole good carbs and bad carbs thing.
Good example, things like refried beans. In one sentence, they are recommended, but then in the next, you are told to keep your total carbs down. But a serving of refried beans has anywhere from 15 to 25 carbs (or even more)
So I'm having a hard time really getting that whole concept.
Which in turn, is making it difficult to work out menu's for the week to be able to put together a grocery list.

I'm right at 6 foot tall. Currently weigh 245 pounds.
I'd like to get down to the 200 pound mark come summer time. It would be really great to be that size, and in shape for my birthday, July 29th.
From what I've been able to research about this, the South Beach diet really seems to fit my lifestyle and pretty much how I liked to eat already. Just minus the junk. lol.
I really liked this site as far as the tracking tools it has. The only thing I wish it did was help plan a weekly/daily menu to fit your diet needs.
Anyone have any good resources as far as planning meals goes?
I'd like to be able to plan out my meals for the week, so I know exactly what I need to shop for, so I know what to expect as far as carbs and calories and all of that. I find that if you can plan it out, than you can work in the little rewards a lot easier. Like ice cream. I found a breyer's ice cream that only has 3 net carbs per serving. You can't really just get yourself some ice cream unless you know you have those 3 extra carbs to spare... know what I mean?
That's why I'm trying to work it out to be able to set up a weekly menu and I'm finding it to be a bit more difficult than I thought it would be...

I really appreciate the help and guidance.
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Here is some website that I know.
just google them. they have recipe and cals counts like that.
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