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I know my body better that any book, so I made up my own diet. So far it is working well. Tommorrow will be exactly one month and I have lost exactly 12 pounds, about 3 pounds per week. I know three pounds per week is more than what is recommended but I lose weight easily, it was just a matter of getting off my butt. Anyway, I run everyday, at least a mile but today I did 2, and it felt good. I am really starting to get a little conditioned which is promising. I don't want to just be lighter I want to tone up and look and feel good! Along with the running I do sit-ups, push-ups, and flutter kicks.I don't count them, I just do as many as I can stand and then I push myslef to do 10 more. My eating habbits are improving. A month ago I didn't pay any attention to what I was putting in my body. My family consists of myself, two young children 3 years and 9 months and my husband. We are both full-time students. Our meal plans consisted of a drive through breakfast, a most often snack or skipped lunch, and a heavy carb loaded dinner. I have changed my diet to watch every calorie. I have consistently keep my calories under 1500 a day, and a large majority of those are lean meats and clean fats. I have also increased my intake of raw fruits and veggies. Since I have been consumming much junk food, a piece of fruit with its natural sugars does wonders for my body, and so does a serving of carbs. Once in the last month we took my 3 year old to see toystory at the theatre. I gave into popcorn, soda, and a little candy. That was a huge mistake, messed my stomach up. It was like a natural punishment, which i totally deserved. Anyway, if you have any thoughts feel free to share. Otherwise I will keep you posted!
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I am doing something similar to you. I have done Weight Watchers and South Beach in the past, with good success. I am using this site to count my calories, and I am really watching what I'm eating. I've tried to make good choices, and keep my portions small. I've also been exercising every day, either riding my bike (toddler trailer in tow!) or watching exercise videos from OnDemand. I'm only a few days in, but I feel good about it.
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that's good common sense eating right there.

congrats on the weight loss.
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Sounds like you are doing well and are happy.

I am currently following an eating style that allows me to eat all kinds of great foods, as much as I want, and don't have to bother with counting calories (although I do plug into fitday just to keep track of my carb intake (basically my fruit because I don't eat any grains or processed garbage) to date so I can lean out--keeping them between 50-100 grams per day.

I want my carbs between 50-100 grams per day. If I exceed 100 in a day, no worries, if I eat less than 50 in a day, no worries either. Overall I have averaged around 1300 cals per day while stuffing myself with everything that I want to eat everyday.

I feel great, I am getting lean and my performance at Crossfit is improving weekly.
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