Thrive it does work?

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Default Thrive it does work?

Hi all im writing this for 2 reasons A: does anybody have a thirve story here, and B: I'd like to share mine.

A friend of my Wife talked her into trying out the Le-Vel Thrive system a while ago because she was low on energy and having a hard time with her weight, as well as having a hard time becoming pregnant (a few miscarrages.)

So out came the credit card and she was a thriver, at first just a customer buying the stuff, which is encouraged even though they are a direct marketing company, and eventually becoming a "brand promoter."

Now that's the start of her story and now for mine. Im a guy in the construction industry i work a lot of hours eat terribly and get a reasonable amount of exercise at work. i'm not unhealthy but i definitely could benefit from a little less of a keg in the mid section and more of a six pack. Lets just say when i take the kids skating i have a very hard time tying my skates.

Now back to the wife she started taking the thrive shakes (yes not the best tasting stuff) and wearing the patches. She was noticing more energy right away and after a while she started to lose weight. I believe that this is due to the Thrive which is basically a system of adding nutrients and vitamins to your daily routine. My theory is that if you add good nutrients and vitamins to your body it will crave less food to burn so you have better fuel in your body and less junk food, as well Thrive has the DFT patch which basicly is a time release for the nutrients and vitamins so you get them all day long not just in the morning when you take the pill. We eventually got pregnant again but something was different this time along with the prenatal vitamins she was on thrive (yes we talked to our doctor who gave the thumbs up to thrive and actually bought some after we discussed it.) Well a few months later #3 was in the world healthy and taking all of mom and dads attention and energy! I have to say it had been a while since we had a baby in the house i forgot how much energy you need!

Well now its time for Dad to try this Thrive stuff I liked the theory of the DFT patch and the system. Well let me tell you this stuff works I have way more energy i feel like a million bucks the keg is still there but i am noticing much less craving for food so my bad eating habits can continue but my body is getting more of what it needs when it needs it. So far i can say I'm a believer. I dont want to sound like im trying to sell this stuff but to be honest im so impressed with it that i think anybody that is low on energy and generally not eating right (which is most of us!!!) should try this out. if your interested go to (link removed)

I dont know everything about this stuff just what i have experienced and I'd like to start a conversation if anybody else has any experience with it good or bad.

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I'm new to the site and noticed your post. I had never heard of Thrive before so, as I always do, I went into investigation mode. First of all, since it's a unilevel corporation, I can't help but wonder if you're trying to drum up some business. Maybe that's the skeptic in me but that's been my experience in unilevel corporations, people will take any and all advantages to "sell" to get more people under them so they can make more money. It's broken up a few friendships. Secondly, I can't find ANYTHING to support the statements made by the company. And speaking of the company, it's all "cloud based". There is no brick and mortar "company". And the CEO's? Well, Jason Camper got busted for running a scam operation involving credit card fraud in 2009 as reported through the BBB and Paul Gravette, other than his mug shot and police record seems to have managed to not have anything in his name directly, however, the company Le-Vel has been reported as not giving refunds as promised to a number of people. Personally, I don't do business with shady companies and besides that, I couldn't find ANYWHERE the amount of the ingredients in the products. The ingredients are listed but not the amount. So, I don't put any medication, vitamin or herb in my body if I don't know the amount. The red lights are just flashing all over with this!! I'm glad it works for you but I would caution anyone thinking about this. Do your own research. If you decide you want to try it, some of it is available on Amazon at a better price than you can get through the website itself. Your credit card would be safer and you have a better chance for a refund if you need/want one. Good luck! I think I'll stick to the old fashioned way of losing weight. I believe in herbal supplements but I'll buy mine from a reputable source.
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