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Default food not to eat

What are the foods not to eat during night before sleep?
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Default Just donít eat it right before bed

If youíre looking for a peaceful night, here are the 10 foods you should avoid right before bed.
1. Ice Cream
3. Pasta
4. Pizza
5. Candy Bars
6. Cereal
7. Garlic
8. Dark Chocolate
9. Alcohol
10. Red Meat - meat takes longer to digest than any other foods.
Just donít eat it right before bed, or your body will be busy breaking it down all night.
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Anything more? And how much time should one have it's dinner before sleep?
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Rich and heavy foods, such as red meat and anything fried, take a long time to digest and should not be eaten at bed time. The reason is that a lot of your digestive activity shuts down during sleep so that your body can concentrate on renewal through the night. If you eat hard to digest foods, your body will have to concentrate too much energy on trying to digest the food and this can cause sleep disturbance and a feeling of being untested in the morning. If you must have a bed time snack it is best to eat a small amount of something light, like crackers or fruit.
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1.Avoid caffeine-containing foods or beverages.
2.Avoid high fat foods such as chips, fried foods, or ice cream .
and a for peaceful and rested night of sleep
1.Low fat milk
2.Natural peanut butter on whole wheat bread
3.Yogurt with half a banana
4.Two cups plain popcorn with a drizzle of olive oil.
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I think all the sweet things should be ignored.
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Most people think of losing fat as taking time to run on a treadmill, but some foods really will help speed up your fat-loss efforts but some can make it worse.
You will be surprised to learn that burning fat and losing weight isn't just solved by doing as much cardio as possible.

It doesn't matter how much you run your gym's treadmill if you do not know what to consume or what not to eat after the workout. Sure, get yourself a cheat day 'if' you work out all week—buuuuut you'll reach your fat-loss goals a lot faster if you line up your nutrition needs parallel to your workouts.
Going to the grocery store can be a bit of a challenge. It's hard to balance your budget with getting the most nutritious options. There are many things out there that can be misleading — such as saying healthy options or good deals when they're not even close to being either. Here are some foods that you have to let go of.

Where? Hear, read

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