What's the best diet out there?

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  • there are so many diets these days.. i can't keep track

    which one works best for you?
  • The best diet
    My most successful longterm diet for keeping weight off was weightwatchers.
    However I have just found fitday and following some of WW plan works great when utilizing the fitday food journal.
    When keeping a food journal you can stay accountable and make better choices.
  • The best diet for losing weight quick was the GM diet for me. It is only to help jump start a sensible diet plan.
  • Best diet aka lifestyle change
    I have had alot of success w/Weight Watchers. Lost 20 lbs 3 yrs ago & have kept it off. It works great when you keep a food journal like this one on FitDay. I haven't journaled in about 6 mos but I am gettin back on track for 2010.
  • I am a big fan of weight watchers. There are no tricks or fads about it. It just teaches you healthy eating. Nothing is off limits, you just learn how to manage it.

    It is also unique in that it helps you adjust quanities of food according to your acitivities. Many off the shelf plans don't do that very well. Jouraniling and accountability are key.
  • I used the 6 Week Body Makeover 7 years ago and loved it but I abandoned my healthy habits and gained it all back. There are people that keep it off using that plan though.
  • I liked slim fast and cambridge diets in my early 20's. As I age and my metabolism slowed down they dont work for me. WW was healthy but I did not lose weight.

    One problem is medications, and slowing metabalisms. I having very good experiences with detox and cleansing products for digestion health.
  • Try to the zone. It is sustainable, and truly becomes a life change since after the first couple weeks, you don't have to give up the foods you love, just make them work within the plan. It is a 40/30/30 plan, with carbs coming from fruit, veggies and complex carbs. I find though, that I can incorporate a "cheat" once in a while and still lose. I am down 50 since March, and have more energy at 42 than I did at 22.
  • I follow my own 'diet' (I don't like the word diet) - so I call it my AEP (stands for Angela's Eating Plan). IT WORKS!!

    On July 31, 2004, I weighed 160 lbs. By January 2005, I weighed 120 lbs. I lost 40 lbs on my eating plan! No gimmicks or tricks, it's cheap (you buy your own foods at the grocery store) and it works very well.

    If anyone is interested in getting a copy let me know, I will share it with anyone. So far, out of the 3 friends who have tried it, one stuck to it and lost her baby weight in 4 months, the other started it but got pregnant and had to quit, and the 3rd is starting it now. My pregnant friend is going to start it as soon as she has her baby!
  • I'm just starting out with my weight loss goals. I just got married. Just before the wedding I lost 15 pounds by restricting all sweets and junk food but I'm a lover of salty and sweet snacks. So I fit into my gown and looked amazing... but the wedding was three months ago and now I've put on 25 lbs... I want to put a stop to the weight gain and drop those extra pounds. Please send me your diet plan so I can give it a try!! I'm game for anything that works and is reasonable to stick to.