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Custom Foods

*Vit C 1000 MG  
365 Adult Multi for Men  
365 Cal-Mag  
365 Vitamin E  
Apple Sauce - Country Fare w/cinamon  
Apple and Cinamon OATMEAL  
Applebees - Orange Chicken Bowl  
Arby's - Chocolate Chip Cookie  
Arby's - Potato Cakes (2)  
Arby's - Turkey and Swiss Market Fresh Sandwich  
Austin PB Snack Crackers  
BAN - Turkey Meal  
Balance Bar - Cookie Dough  
Balance Bar - Cookie Dough 2  
Bread-7GrainWheat 1 slice  
Buffalo Sauce  
CAMP-Select-MEX Tortilla  
CAMP-Select-New England Clam Chowder  
Campbells CHUNKY - Olf Fashioned Vegetable Beef  
Campbells CHUNKY - Split Pea and Ham  
Campbells Chunky - Fajita Chicken  
Cereal - Cinnamon Toasters  
Cereal - Honey and Oats Blenders  
Cereal - Honey, Oats and Flakes  
Cereal - HyVee Fruit and Frosted O's  
Cereal - Hyvee, Honey, Oats and Flakes  
Cereal - Post Honey Bunches of Oats (Honey Roasted)  
Chicken - CHUNK STYLE IN WATER (10oz)  
Chips Ahoy Thin Chips  
Crab Rangoon  
Golden Batch Sugar Free Wafers  
Goodcents-Penny Club Wheat  
Granola Bar - Sunbelt Oats and Honey  
Green Beans - Our Family French Style - 14.5oz can  
HC CS - Beef Merlot  
HC - CheasyChickenNRice  
HC CS - Chicken Margherita  
HC CS - Chicken Margherita 12411  
HC CS - Chicken Pesto Classico  
HC CS - Chicken and Roasted Red Petter Alfredo Sauce  
HC CS - Whiskey Steak  
HC-CafeSteamer-Sweet and Spicy Orange Zest  
Healthy Choice - French Bread Pizza - Supreme  
Healthy Choice Vegetable Soup  
Healthy Choice Vegetable Soup 2  
Hershey's Kisses (9piecse)  
Hyvee - Graham Crackers  
Jalapeno Poppers  
KROGER-Chicken and Sausage Gumbo Soup  
Kashi - Go Lean Crunch (Protein and Fiber)  
Kashi-Heart to Heart Cereal  
LC - Four Cheese Pizza  
LC - Roasted Chicken with Lemon Pepper Fettuccini  
LP - Supreme Pizza  
Lean Pockets - Soft Baked Subs  
Lean Pockets - Spinach Artichoke Chicken  
Lean Pockets-LowFat-Ham and Cheese  
MICH - Garlic Tuscan-Inspired Chicken  
MICH - LC - Sweedish Meatballs  
MICH - LG Three Cheese Chicken  
MICH - LG - Beef Pepper Steak and Rice  
MICH - LG - Chicken Alfredo Florentine  
MICH - LG - Five Cheese Lasagna  
MICH - LG - Layered Lasagna with meat Sauce  
MICH - LG - Roasted Sirloin Supreme  
MICH - LG - Sesame Chicken  
MICH - LG - Three Cheese Chicken  
MICH - LG Creamy Rigatoni with Broccoli & Chicken  
MICH LG - Cheese Stuffed Rigatoni  
MICH-5 Cheese Pizza  
MICH-Angel Hair and Meat Sauce  
MICH-Beef Pepper Steak w/ Rice  
MICH-ChiVeg and Chicken  
MICH-Chicken Alfredo Florentine  
MICH-Glazed Chicken  
MICH-Italian Stype Veggies and Chicken  
MICH-Mac n cheese  
MICH-Mandarin Chicken  
MICH-Oriental Beef  
MICH-Pasta Primavera Parmesan  
MICH-Peperion Pizza  
MICH-Roasted Sirloin  
MICH-Salisbury Meal  
MICH-Salisbury Steak  
MICH-Shrimp Scampi  
MICH-Shrimp W Veggies  
MICH-Spaghetti Marinara  
MICH-Szechwan Veggies with Chicken  
MICH-White Turkey in Cream sauce with Pasta  
MICH-Ziti Parmesano  
Malted Milk Balls  
McDonalds - Chipolte BBQ Wrap  
MicLeanGor-Shrimp Scampi  
Mich - LG - Buffalo Style Chicken Snacks  
Mich-Lasagna Mozzarella  
Milk - Blue Bunny - Skim  
Myoplex Shake - 42g Protein  
Nature Valley Granola - Penut Butter  
Non Dairy Creamer  
PF CHANG - Chicken with Black Bean Sauce - VELVETED  
PROG-Sirloin Steak and Vegitable  
PROG-Steak and Potato Soup  
PROG-Traditinoan New England Clam Chowder  
Popcorn - Orville 100 Cal Bag - Kettl  
Pretzels-Rold Bold  
Pretzels-Rold Gold  
Pringles Reduced Fat  
Quaker Chewy - Choc Chunk  
Quaker Chewy - Cookies and Cream  
Quaker Chewy - Oatmeal and Rasin  
Red Bull  
Red Bull #  
Roberts - Choc Milk  
Rock Star - Sugar Free  
Runza - BBQ Chicken Sandwich  
Runza - Cheese Runza  
Runza - Chicken Noodle Soup - Bowl  
Runza - SW Deli Wrap  
SBD - Protein Bar  
Smoothie - Naked,Black and Blueberry Rush  
Soup - HyVee Healthy Recipe Chunky - Beef with Vegetables - 18.6 oz can  
Special K Protein  
Subway Tuna - 6 In Wheat / No Cheese  
Taco Bell - Beef Soft Taco  
Taco Bell - Chicken Quesadilla  
Tootsie Roll (17.7g)  
Tuna in Water  
Turkey Brats(Lean)  
Wendy's - Chicken Club Sandwich  
Wendy's - Roasted Turkey and Swiss  
Yogurt - BlueBunny Lite 85(Fat Free)  
Yogurt-OUR FAMILY-Lowfat