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Custom Foods

Almonds, Blue Diamond, Sea Salt  
Almonds, Nutrition  
Applesauce, unsweetened, Musselman's  
Beans, Green, Bob Evans  
Beef jerky  
Bread, Soft Kaiser, DItaliano  
Bread, gluten-free, Schar  
Bread, oatmeal, toasted  
Butter, ICBNB, Light  
Cauliflower & 3 Cheese Sause  
Cereals, QUAKER, QUAKER MultiGrain Oatmeal, dry  
Cheat Day  
Cheese log, Chedder with Port Wine, Parker's  
Cheese, Colby-Jack, low-sodium, Sargento  
Cheese, Provolone  
Cookie, Soft Sugar, The Bakery  
Cottage Cheese, Lowfat, Bison  
Cracker, Ritz  
Crackers, Original, Town House  
Doritos, nacho  
Dried Apricots, Great Value  
Fast foods, chicken fillet sandwich, plain  
Fiber Choice supplement, 2 tablets  
Garden Vegetables  
Goat Whey, Oryx  
Granola Bar, Low fat, Quaker, PB  
Gravy, Beef, Bob Evans  
Grilled Chicken Breast  
Grilled Chicken Breast, Bob Evans or Dennys  
Hot Tea, unsweetened  
Instant breakfast, powder, not reconstituted  
Knorr cheddar broccoli pasta  
Milk, Almond, Original, Almond Breeze  
Milk, Lactaid, 1%   
Muscle Milk  
Organic Bars, Gluten-free, Glutino, Choc & Banana  
Peaches, Sliced, DelMonte  
Pita, Mr Pita  
Planters, trail mix, regular  
Pork Chops, Apple Bourbon, Hormel  
Potato, Mashed, Bob Evans  
Protein Powder, Vanilla, EAS Lean 15  
Rejuvenate Protein, SFH  
Sea salt, Diamond Crystal  
Seeds, Pumpkin, David  
Soy Protein, Pro Performance, Vanilla  
Soy Protein, vanilla, GNC  
Sunflower seeds, Harmony, roasted, unsalted  
Tim Horton's Chicken Wrap  
Tim Hortons, egg sandwich  
Tim Hortons, tea, medium w/ sugar  
Turkey, Bob Evans  
Turkey, Deli, low-sodium, Sara Lee, 4 slices, 51g  
Wild Salmon Fillets, baked, 4 oz  
Yogurt, Berries, Tim Horton's  
Yogurt, Yoplait, Harvest Peach, Fat free  
Zone Bar, Cinnamon roll  
Zone Bar, Peanut Toffee  
almonds, whole natural, blue diamond  
applesauce, bob evans  
bread, D'Italiano  
bread, Italian, 'taliano  
bread, whole grain, Arnold  
cheese, chedder, Sweet Valley  
cheese, creamy swiss, The Laughing Cow  
cheese, feta, Nikos  
chicken, canned, in water  
egg, whole, Farmers Market  
green beans, french cut, Del Monte  
ham, smoked, Oscar Mayer  
mayo, light, hellmanns  
mayo, olive oil, Hellmanns, 1 Tbsp  
olive oil, Great Value  
peaches, fruit naturals  
ranch, Hidden Valley  
squash, cooked, Seabrook Farms  
tuna, Starkist light, in water, 1 pouch  
tuna, chunk light, bumble bee  
tuna, sweet & spicy, starkist  
yellow squash, cooked  
yogurt,organic, Oikos, Blueberry