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Default Lifestyle bug possibility?

Basically, in my Activities log, my lifestyle is set to this: Lifestyle (Mostly Seated / Some Movement), my days are now filled with exercising, running, ect, and when I put in my activities what i've done, it's adding up my lifestyle numbers which are HR:MN 22:58 and calories 3108!! I don't understand, I haven't eaten that many calories in months. Then, when I add my activities, it just adds everything up, and it says my total is HR:MN 24:00, and the calories are at 3743, which also makes no sense to me, because I only had 1291 calories that day, it does it everytime, and it's pretty difficult to see how many calories i'm losing, when everything Ôs added up, makes me feel i'm making zero progress.

Hope someone can explain if i'm doing something wrong.

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Without going to activities to try this out, I'm guessing the calories are not calories you are 'losing' but calories you are expending.

In other words, the calories you expend while riding a stationary bike, for example, are not subtracted, they are added to the calories you are expending for the day. If you went to your food log, and that changed, now, THAT would mean you are having calories added on - but that's not the case.
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Here's how it works....I hope I can explain this properly.

For myself, at 5'2" and a lifestyle that has me sitting on my butt in front of a computer daily, I burn 1673 calories in a 24 hour period....or around 70 calories per hour (1673/24) .

If I exercise for 1 hour in a day and burn 400 calories during that hour, Fitday will now deduct 1 hour (which equals 70 calories) from my daily calorie burn (so now in 23 hours I burned 1673-70 = 1603) and it will add the 400 calories I burned during my workout. So now it will read that I burned 2003 calories on the day that I worked out. I hope that makes sense? It even shows the break down in the 'Calories Burned' tab.

Calories Burned:

If you select the next tab 'Calorie Balance' it will show you Calories Eaten (1,198 calories) Calories Burned (2,003 calories) in a bar chart to describe the total calorie deficit that day. Very informative and motivating information!

I hope this helps!

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