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1) log everything (including activities, no excuses)--yes, yes
2) water (84.5oz/day, that's ONLY five 16.9oz bottles, no excuses)--no, JASE!
3) go to the gym and lift weights with WHN (at least once, no excuses)--no, no
4) lose 1 pound (no excuses)--?, ?
5) walk 4 miles (no excuses)--0, 0

Still haven't gone to the gym to get any miles in. It's been pouring down rain for two days and once I'm home in that kind of weather, I don't go back out in it. It's a 20 minute drive to the gym in perfect would take 45 in the rain we've had. Poor Boss Man hasn't been out of his dog house all evening. Haven't weighed myself yet, so no update on #4. I have serious scale obsession, I'm trying to break myself of it. And #3 looks like it's going to be void. BF has to work this weekend. Maybe Sunday if he's off. We'll see.

Had a SUPER busy day today at work and was super cranky. I'm behind on chores at home and just stressed. Most days when I leave work, I go by parents to see The Jassi Cat. There are days that I'm not getting home until close to 9pm. And that's after leaving the house in the morning at 6:45. BF goes to school in the morning and then work from 3-11 in the evenings/nights. It's hard for us to do a whole lot around the house during the week. I normally do most of the laundry on Sundays, but I boycotted this past Sunday and boy could you tell. I got all of the dirties together last night and had 3 overflowing laundry bags. I've worked on those pretty much all night. I also cleaned out the fridge, washed all the dishes (there were quite a few bowls and such in the fridge) and put away the groceries. I got a really good deal on a boneless pork loin half and split chicken breast. $1.49 lb for the pork and $0.88 lb for the chicken. I cut the pork into chops and boneless ribs and deboned the chicken, separated everything into freezer bags for easy thawing at a later date. I hate buying large quantities of meats and leaving them in the original packaging. With just the two of us, it's easier to break it down to meal sized bags. I've stil got a little over 3 lbs of ground beef to portion out, but it'll wait till tomorrow.

Like I said....busy day. But at least I was productive. Gonna go check the towels in the dryer and then hit the sheets. Catch y'all tomorrow. Will try to do a catch up with each of you personally.

Nighty Night

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