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Originally Posted by Robingen View Post

Mike that's hilarious that you banned (hammer down) on Carolynnq. I wonder what kind of message she received from fitday "You are permanently banned from Fitday for spamming" hahahahaha. Imagine the shocked expression. Anyway Carolyn glad you made it back.
When I logged in and clicked the link for the forums, I got a screen that said something like:
You have been banned from forum participation.
Reason: Spam
When you may return: Never

I was shocked. First I thought maybe it was a forum glitch, and it was happening to everybody. But, no, other people seemed to be posting just fine. Then I thought someone must have hacked my account and been posting spam (that was fresh on my mind as my husband's email acct was hacked last week), so I searched for posts by me in the last week. But, no, there weren't any new posts since Friday. I started wondering what I did that got me banned, and figured maybe I could use the time I spend on the boards for exercising. Then I saw Mike's post.

After thinking about it, I've come to the conclusion that Mike was concerned about my being at this darn weight plateau for weeks, and he banned me to get my metabolism speeded up! If I start losing again this week, the credit goes to Mike.
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