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Default Did somebody say "No excuses"?

I’ve been lurking in the shadows for a while and this group just cracks me up! And now that the heading says “No excuses”, in capital letters nonetheless, it just feels like a good moment to jump in if you’ll have me… You really are a great bunch – funny and supportive. Even though I was just lurking unofficially, reading your posts was something I looked forward to every day.
With me it’s those pesky 5 pounds that come and go… Maybe 6? Kind of afraid to check nowadays…
So let me jump right in and see how a bit of commitment can help my case.
· Calorie average under 1800 (195 from Cabernet Sauvignon. That’s just a measly 8 fl oz and there’ve got to be limits on sacrifice…)
· In addition to what I normally do exercise-wise, one extra physical activity this week.
PLAN B (hey – it’s my first official week - I could use some slack!):
Just inhale fewer cumulative calories over the week than I burn, even if it is a tiny number.

Fingers crossed for everybody’s success!
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