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Angry What works? Going crazy with options.

I am going crazy. There are so many options when it comes to weight loss. Is there anything that works for everybody that everybody can do no matter their situation/circumstances?

I am a type 1 diabetic, but keeping my blood sugar level is really my only concern. I've read up mostly on atkins and paleo, but gosh, idk what to do. I understand restrictions, but it is true of all diets that once you mess up with a fast food meal or some sugary snack "food", you pretty much have to start all over again? I am not a patient person, and nothing seems to fit me/my lifestyle.

Is it really that everybody has to try everything to see what works best for them? Surely not. I sure the heck am not going to waste 10 years trying to find what works for me. Somebody has to know something.

I like the idea of paleo, except the no dairy stuff. I like atkins, but don't want to have to worry about counting/measuring, etc. (I've already asked on another thread about how can a person lose weight while consuming a lot of calories, be they from protein/fat or whatever. Supposedly, the ground beef/mushroom/cheese dish I had for breakfast was 1050 calories.) See? Too much confusion. Any help/suggestions? Again, not to be rude, but I am not patient and am somewhat selfish - I can read your story on your page. Not here. Thank you...very sincerely.
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