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Originally Posted by lilbits120 View Post
I think it's time to just weigh in once a week since there was no change since yesterday. I have been reading more messages on the board and am happy to see others succeeding in their journey. Have a good week end.

Don't expect to see the scale go down every day lilbits. If you are weighing daily the weight will fluctuate for a variety of reasons that have nothing to do with fat loss or gain.

I personally weigh keeps me on track, attentive, accountable, but I have to be ok with the fluctuations.

Others weight weekly because that works better for them.

Weighing in is mental and you should do whatever works best for you.

Epixi, Hatha yoga is a more general term for posture based yoga, as opposed to a particular style. My training is in Viniyoga which is about individualized yoga based on where you are at any given moment. It can also include a variety of techniques and styles (e.g., flow versus static poses). Some labels are general and some are very specific trademarked terms. To make matters even more confusing. Some yoga styles are power based, some are gentle, some are for healing. Yin is a westernized yoga that has a monkey Kung Fu and Chinese yoga background. It is super slow, very little standing poses and mostly stretches the lower body. Try many different styles if you can! And awesome on goals, wow!

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