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Like Nik said, find meats with less sodium. I've found the deli with fresh-cut meats usually have lower salt contents than the stuff pre-packaged on the shelf. I also cut sodium in the places I can; my carbs are low sodium and I add very little salt to any dishes. But overall, if what you're doing isn't holding you back, you can perfect the diet as you go.

I've often found sugars hold back my diet. I don't eat a lot of processed things with sugar in it, but even fruits have natural sugars. I'm not sure how much fruit you're eating, but maybe try varying those foods too.

You could try eating more eggs. I hard-boil some and keep them handy all week for quick snacks. You could also try nuts (unsalted of course), peanut butter, even low fat dairy products can give you protein (cottage cheese, yogurt). Find what works for you, and watch the sodium levels!
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