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long term high protein intake diet

is the search argument I use in Home - PubMed - NCBI.

780 results will come up but you can scan the results to find what is the most relevant and/or the most readable. Some results have free pdfs which will show the text produced by a study in its entirety. These include all the references, which are really useful for understanding why people even study high protein intake and kidney function.

If you look to the right of the abstract you are reading, you will see a smattering of 'related citations' and if you follow these, you will find interesting things directly related to some aspect of your search. You can save what you find in 'collections,' which are basically numbered labeled folders.

When I read a blog that declares some provocative statement from a 'recent study,' I always look up the study on NCBI. It's usually very interesting and sometimes I take away an entirely different impression from what was stated by the blogger. If there's a PDF available (free), I give that a look if it seems worth investigating.

For example, the free PMC article attached to 'Effect of a High-Protein Kidney Function in Healthy Adults: Results from the Omniheart Trial,' which is the sixth result of the 780, has the text and references to get you started.

If you sign up for NCBI use, which is free, they will send - to your e-mail - all the results of your search argument (see above) every day, if you like, with no spam. If you're interested.
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