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I've recently started snacking on Blue Diamond low sodium almonds. Almonds are, in general, supposed to be good for you, but the plain ones can be rather bland, if you ask me. However, usually, if you get them salted, they are SALTED, which sort of wrecks the sodium budget.

These new ones (I think they were introduced within the last year or so) have only 40mg sodium per serving (a serving is about 28 nuts, which is a decent amount). The ingredients list is short: almonds, vegetable oil, sea salt. That's it.

I keep a tiny, I mean TINY, cup on my desk and fill it with nuts once a day if I need a little nosh (sometimes twice, but never more than that). It holds about 14-15 nuts, or half a serving. It's nice to be able to eat the "whole bowl" because the bowl is so tiny. I try to stretch it out, too. 2-3 nuts, take a break, 2-3 more. I can make that tiny cup last 15-20 minutes.

All that to say, these almonds satisfy both the munchie/crunchy craving and the salt craving and they have all that nutty goodness going for them. For me, they are a win-win-win!

Oh, and I second the homemade soup idea. I make one that is chock full of vegetables (and, if we're being honest here, I loathe vegetables, usually) and it's delicious, healthy and filling. And it's very low sodium, because I make it myself. Make a huge potful, divide and freeze and you have a quick, go-to snack/meal.
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