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Alderwoman 03-20-2013 04:56 PM

Always hungry!
I am 52 year old woman and I seem to be hungry all of the time. I start out really strong and then start dissolving by late morning. I crave salty things all day long. Part of my problem is that I work in an office that is attached to a school cafeteria where I constantly smell food. Need some ideas for quick and easy snacks.

Kathy13118 03-20-2013 05:13 PM

I think everyone who diets has that loss of resolve as the day goes on. One thing you can do is eat most of your protein and fiber in the morning, in portions that satisfy you and stay within your calorie limit. For example, tuna canned in water, drained, and mixed with just very little mayonnaise and then heaped on some high fiber crackers - with some chopped olives and capers - will be high in protein and savory. The fiber is really helpful because it makes you feel full, and the protein helps, too. Make the protein as low in fat as you can but as high in protein grams as you can. Then you end up with something that is not too caloric, giving you more 'bang for your buck.' Also, make yourself a cup of aromatic hot tea. One thing you want is lots of pleasant aroma to combat that cafeteria-cooking-smell-atmosphere.

It may take a while to build up a menu of food choices that will satisfy your sensory needs. However, they ARE important. I never can get the same satisfaction from something that is cold and pale and bland. That reminds me: hot, steaming soup (make your own and bring it for the microwave) is very low in calories, or can be, and it's easy to control the sodium when it's your homemade soup.

ahappieru 03-20-2013 06:36 PM

I agree with kathy13118 100%. At 52 protein is also very important for us to build muscle and not lose it when losing weight. Eat some protein at snacks as well. I have been making my own hearty soups all winter and they have been very satisfying, low fat, low cal. Hang in there it will get better :)

Alderwoman 03-25-2013 05:59 PM

Tried the tuna that you recommended and loved it. I am not a big fan of tuna but this way is very satisfying. Also add lemon pepper. Thanks for the tip!

wilsonJaz 04-04-2013 09:35 PM

Oh I can empathize with you. I know exactly how that feels. In my case, I grew up on a house filled with aunts who loves to cook and eat. I grew up with a healthy appetite and has been huge and heavy for as long as I can remember. Thankfully, a good friend has recommended a pill that helped curb my appetite. I felt less hungry, my cravings flew off the window and I am losing weight constantly for the first time. It is not the first pill I tried but nothing comes close to it when it comes to effectiveness and having no side effect.

episode2011 04-04-2013 11:33 PM

I've recently started snacking on Blue Diamond low sodium almonds. Almonds are, in general, supposed to be good for you, but the plain ones can be rather bland, if you ask me. However, usually, if you get them salted, they are SALTED, which sort of wrecks the sodium budget.

These new ones (I think they were introduced within the last year or so) have only 40mg sodium per serving (a serving is about 28 nuts, which is a decent amount). The ingredients list is short: almonds, vegetable oil, sea salt. That's it.

I keep a tiny, I mean TINY, cup on my desk and fill it with nuts once a day if I need a little nosh (sometimes twice, but never more than that). It holds about 14-15 nuts, or half a serving. It's nice to be able to eat the "whole bowl" because the bowl is so tiny. I try to stretch it out, too. 2-3 nuts, take a break, 2-3 more. I can make that tiny cup last 15-20 minutes.

All that to say, these almonds satisfy both the munchie/crunchy craving and the salt craving and they have all that nutty goodness going for them. For me, they are a win-win-win!

Oh, and I second the homemade soup idea. I make one that is chock full of vegetables (and, if we're being honest here, I loathe vegetables, usually) and it's delicious, healthy and filling. And it's very low sodium, because I make it myself. Make a huge potful, divide and freeze and you have a quick, go-to snack/meal.

canary52 04-05-2013 01:23 AM

Following up on the nuts idea: Emerald makes 100 calorie packs of nuts: Cocoa almonds, cinnamon almonds (tasty) and almonds and walnuts. Or just count out 12-15 nuts and put em in snack bags

Go to snacks: cheese sticks (I like Horizon organic ones)

carrots, cucumbers or cut up red peppers and hummus or guacamole

hard boiled eggs (bring a litle bag of salt)

Applegate Farms no nitrite turkey or ham rolled up (you can roll with cheese)

an apple with pb and raisins (some people like pb with celery: I don't like celery)

clementines (also called Cuties)

salad with chicken on top, throw in some sunflower seed for crunch or raisins for variety

leftovers form dinner (protein and veg)

I have lost weight and dealt with constant raging hunger by eating something small every 2-3 hours. Though 5 pounds from my goal, I am probably thinner than some people who eat much less than I do. This sounds obnoxious, I know, but I am trying to make a point: I eat when I'm hungry and try and eat real food. I will also say I do not eat sugar, except for very rare occasions. That helps. Sugar makes you hungrier. If I eat sugar, my appetite rages.

Plus drink water!!! It fills you up and sometimes we mistake thirst for hunger. Good luck!!!

I'd also ask what do you eat for breakfast? If it's very carby, think of switching to something with protein. Maybe what you eat for breakfast leads you to cravings. Just a thought.

Entlover 04-05-2013 06:55 AM

I eat 3 times a day, and am trying not to eat between meals per Dr Fuhrman's diet.
For breakfast I always have some protein: 2 scrambled eggs with spinach, onions, or tomatoes and onions; or either yogurt or oatmeal with walnuts and blueberries, or a green smoothie with fruit and spinach. Any of those will keep me satisfied for 4 to 5 hours.

Also it's really important not to eat starch in the morning, because it pushes up blood sugar and drops it fast, making you hungry. So if you eat eggs, you won't be hungry for hours, but if you add toast, you will be hungry again sooner. At least so I believe.

canary52 04-05-2013 03:25 PM

I think you will come to see that we all have different approaches. I think there is no one size fits all diet. I respect Entlover's views and a lot of people (including Dr Oz) really like Fuhrman's diet and approach which apparently have helped people. For me, three meals a day doesn't work because I'm better with less food spread out across the day. And I find a lot of plans restrictive. I think maybe take a bit of what you thinks makes sense and see if it works.

paulineso 04-10-2013 01:59 PM

I am just starting out. In the past I have done better with 3 meals and 3 snacks a day.

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