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You guys are inspiring me.

Cassie, good for you for eating clean, so glad you feel the benefits. And I agree with Carolynn 1352 is hardly a "whoopsie." As for me, thanks for asking. I decided to have Passover at my father in law's so he and my DD could be there and it was great seeing them and she brought two friends who loved it. But it was stressful preparing and I took too much work on cooking and cleaning. I was unable to walk for a couple of days, due to standing too much and I just fell into a funk. My father in law is losing his vision and needs a lot of care and though he is a loving person, he is very intense and gets frustrated very easliy. DH had a hellacious week at work and was also intense and I guess it all just got to me. I ate too much, wrote too little. But once I could take walks and started going to the beach, things got better. The ocean is very healing. Looking at the sky and the birds pulled me out of myself, got me back into the world.

Jenn, I'm with you on the water, girl. I feel better when I drink more. And I lose more weight. Maybe we can encourage each other in the coming week.

Robin, I am so so sorry about your back. It sounds painful. Is there anything that can be done? I admire your desire to walk. Please just don't overdo. Let yourself heal. Can you do stretches? I find that helps my back. I think it's great your husband lost weight, even with the accident.

Donna, I agree with Casise. Things flucuate; just keep on the good track as much as you can.

Mike, a good cause and hopefully a good meal. Win win, I'd say. How did you find out about it? You and GF are doing great. I am def losing this contest (by not losing.) BTW we took Stanley to the pool, to the beach and to the U. I will send him off Tuesday and he will have further adventures with fun, creative people.

My soapbox? I think people who claim eating healthy costs too much are just making excuses, especially if they can go out and get coffees, etc. And yeah eventually being unhealthy costs more. Plus with my fibro, I no longer cook the way I once did (tho as Mike will tell you, I am spoiled in that Dh is a fabulous cook but I have to watch that too.) Still you can find ways, as others have said, buy local and in season, if you can. Plus a bag of carrots for example doesn't cost as much as chips, lasts longer and is better for you (tho some people limit them on low carb diets but it's just an eample.)

I am hoping this coming week is a better one. I am dedicating myself to clean eating, more water, walks or gym, writing, time with friends and a better attitude.

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