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Robin - OUCH!! Sorry about your back. What do you do for a torn ligament? That's great that your husband has lost weight with his broken leg - I would have imagined that having a broken leg might lead to a weight gain.

***For me it truly comes down to making time for myself.*** I have to learn to do that. I realized recently that the only times I've had losses of 3-5 lbs a week is when I'm on vacation. It's hard for me to sit and relax, so on vacation, I use the gym if we're at a hotel, walk a lot, swim, etc. I have a home business, so at home if I think about going for a walk, I can think of a million other things that I should be doing.

Jenn - It's wonderful that your friends are supporting you by serving healthful treats.

Cassie - your 1352 calories is barely a "whoopsie" - especially with your calorie count being so much lower on other days.
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