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Originally Posted by jjrudd View Post
...Ok and here is my rant
These same people go to their local coffee shop and get a coffee everyday. Never realizing that that $10 could pay for a couple of packages of meat or a bag or fruit (a few apples and oranges etc).

I agree. I don't think it costs more to eat healthy. A study a couple of years ago came to that conclusion, but it had major flaws.

It's mostly processed foods that cost a lot of money. You can buy a bag of potato chips for $4 or a 10# bag of potatoes for $4. You can buy 4 $1 hamburgers at a fast food place, or a pound of hamburger and some pasta for that money. You can spend $4 on a 30-serving carton of oatmeal, or $6 on a 12-serving box of sugared, processed cereal. Fresh produce can be expensive, but not so much if you buy what's in season and on sale. There are generally lots of inexpensive frozen & canned options. Whole wheat bread costs more than white, but it's more nutrient dense and you get filled up with less. Etc., etc.

There are people who don't have access to a supermarket with lots of choices and good sales. They have limited choices and the prices are high. IMO, these are the only people for whom it costs more to eat healthy.
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