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I love Carolynn's advice; so many good suggestions.

I guess I also think of that saying: It's not what you're eating, it's what's eating you. I used to binge eat a lot. For me, it was like I was trying to fill a hole. I put up a sign in my kitchen: Nourish yourself. And I thought of all the ways in which I could do that, besides food.

Also, some foods cause you to binge. Sugar, high amounts of carbs cause you to binge because they set up a certain glycemic reaction in your body. Consider going sugar free and lower carb and see if it helps. If you drink (not saying you do, just giving info), know that drinking lowers your resistance to indulgent behavior and alcohol acts like sugar in the body.

Exercise is great, of course, but it can also increase your appetite. What helps? Eat a little healthy carb before, eat a little healthy protein after.

Realize that it is built into human nature to binge eat because food was not always available. But now it is. Sometimes if I crave something, I tell myself don't worry it will be there some other time. It's like I'm tricking myself to control myself. Like Carolynn, I try to eat healthy food throughout the day and then stop at a certain point of the night, prolly around 8 is good. I don't binge so much anymore because it makes me feel crappy and I try to remember that.

But if I am in mid binge, I try to tell myself: you can stop now. I try to break that compulsive cycle. Mindfulness helps and you are already starting. Not wanting to do something is the first step towards not doing it.

The other thing? Try to drop the shame and guilt (if you have it.) You did it, it's done; you can always make a different choice.
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