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Originally Posted by canary52 View Post
Cassie, what is farro? You sound like you've been doing pretty well food wise. Good luck with your presentation!!! I hope works goes well this week.

Mike, I don't even know Duck Dynasty but I get the picture. How does GF like it?
I think she's okay with it, I think she liked it at first though.

Originally Posted by nobe View Post
Thanks, I'll look into it. I installed one called accupedo. It seemed to work at home, but then didn't when I went out. Maybe I was doing something wrong. Since it's the fourth pedometer I've somehow failed at using, I'm starting to assume it's me.

Thanks for your prayers. It's not quite as bad as I made it out to be when I was grumbling last night. My coworker is still at work, but she's not doing very well. It was actually about a week and a half ago that she thinks she had the stroke, but didn't tell anyone because she didn't want to worry them. She finally went to her doctor on Thursday and he thinks it was a stroke, but they're doing tests. She can't move one side of her face (only one half smiles when she tries to smile) and she feels "off". It's still pretty worrisome, though. She's a nice lady.
I'm not a doctor but that sounds like the signs of a stroke to me.

Originally Posted by dar n View Post

Mike Go Mike go!! Wow great weight loss so far this week.
Thank you.

Originally Posted by dmartz View Post
  • Workout > 120 min/wk: 15, 30, 60, 0, 0
  • Cholesterol < 250mg: 90, 123, 5, 58, 214
  • Protein > 50 g / day: 43, 58, 26, 37, 80
  • Vegetables > 3 / day: N, N, Y, Y, 2.5
  • Calories < 1250 (M-Th): 900, 1055, 1041, 1319
  • Calories < 1800 (F, S, S): 2245,
Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate, & red wine.

Mern, Where are you? Hope you're not still out celebrating that great checkup!

- Donna
yes, where is Mern? Good job so far this week, lets not let the weekend fall apart on us.
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