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Ok I will try a quick scan to catch up but I am way behind so please forgive me if I miss anything or anyone!

Jezzie Is your back better?

Nobe Sorry to hear about your pedometer problems this week I agree with others there are lots of ways to track your kís. So sorry to hear about your co worker thatís horrible I hope sheís ok! Cranky customers must have been in the air yesterday I had a couple that made it hard to stay smiling and helpful through my day.

Caroyln The evil scale made me smile mines been mean to me all week, lol. Thanks for the kudos on my loss!

Robin You did good with your walking considering how many challenges you had this week. I have figured out a great loop at work that gives me 1.7k and I even managed to still get in a couple short dog walks in to my busy week on top of my lunch walk. Today will be a different story I am planning to do very little I even have my cell phone in my purse so I may not hear it if anyone calls. Hows hubby recovery going?

Cassie We seem to be having similar busy weeks I hope you find some down time this weekend.

Mike Go Mike go!! Wow great weight loss so far this week.

Jenn I second mikes love for blueberries but I put mine in yogurt and bran buds for breakfast, I donít know if you drink smoothies but my daughter sneaks her spinach into them, she greatly dislikes green veggies and says she cant taste it in her smoothies.

Donna Congrats at getting to such a healthy place in your journey!

Tori & Mern & Cassie Missing you I hope all is well.

Hope Get well soon, enjoy Florida.

Phew I felt so behind but I am much better now, sorry for the book! So I am having a lazy, treat me right day today because next week isnít look much better than this week was. So hubby took out steaks to bbque I am going to have asparagus, salad and rye bread and a bottle (or 2) of good wine with it. I started my day with a handful of nuts so that lunch could be whole grain chips with salsa, avocado and garlic hummus and it was a fabulously healthy yet high in calories treat. I am totally expecting a high calorie day but I have tried to choose healthy food and just enjoy every bite. I have done my housework and I think I will hunker down in front of a computer game with a hot cup of coffee and enjoy doing nothing.

I hope you are all enjoying your Saturday!

"If we all did the things we are capable of, we would astound ourselves."
Thomas Edison

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