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Hope - I also drink lots of hot tea and soup when I have a cold. I hope you've got yours licked. They've got okra chips on amazon. $12 (incl shipping) for 4 tiny bags (each bag is < 1oz). Not nearly as pricey as I'd thought they'd be online. If I can't find any locally, maybe I'll try these.

Donna - way to go - on both your weight and your relationship! I was going to Target today to get some of those $5 t-shirts. I wonder if sizes have changed since way back when I was young. The first jr size dress I had (in jr high) when I was really skinny was a size 6 (and size 4 was the smallest available - at least in the local stores). From 18 to 30 or so when I was 5'9' and 120-125, I wore a size 9 or 11.

Mike - good job on your weight loss. How is Officer Johnny doing? And why are you drinking so much water? I met someone who ended up in the hospital from drinking too much water.

Darlene - hope you get some time to decompress this weekend!
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