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Hi everyone

My day has definitely been better than yesterday although the road home is closed (due to flooding) and so I still have to find an alternate route. So it's not over yet. Thanks for asking Carolynnq the situation at the hospital is resolved. It was only that I was informed that I needed to take a family member for a 20 minute procedure and there were a bunch of additional things that had to happen (be admitted, ex-rays, sedatives, post-procedural recovery). I had not idea what I was in for and it messed with an already overwhelming day. Last night's flood crisis in the basement ended up being a breaker. But I had to set the alarm to get up to check pumps in the night. So the whole thing has been a pretty significant weather disaster. The relevance is that 1) no I did not walk and 2) yes I got take out (a sub). Oh well what they say about good intentions.

So I see quite a number of accomplishments on here this week. Yes Donna, brag, it motivates the rest of us! And Mike you apparently got serious. So what about walking?

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