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Welcome, chelegwa. I like the calorie counter too. I was eating good foods (not processed junk), but way too much. Keeping track of foods consumed keeps me accountable. When I reach for some almonds, I now think about adding the calories to the food log, and it makes me think about whether I'm really hungry.

Tereza - I could eat cheese all day. I like it with celery too - also with apple slices. I don't keep track of water. I drink a lot of tea (both green and black) during the day. Tea and water are my main two drinks. Women do need about 8 cups of liquid a day. But a portion of that will come from foods (tomatoes and watermelon are about 90% water; other fruits and vegetables also contain water). Other liquids you drink also count towards that total (coffee, tea, milk, juice, beer, etc.). If it's hot or you're exercising a lot, you'll need more water. Basically, if you're not feeling thirsty and your urine is light yellow, you're getting enough water.

As to coffee, I'd drink a cup or two a day if I didn't get caffeine withdrawal headaches from it (tea doesn't bother me). There are health benefits associated with it and caffeine can suppress appetite.
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