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Tereza41 02-24-2013 03:14 PM

Newbie here. Dont know what to do or how to get started. What do I do please. How do I starte.

Wanted, online buddy to encourage each other and loose that unwanted weight.

Any takers?

carolynnq 02-24-2013 04:40 PM

Welcome, Teresa. I'm somewhat of a newbie myself. Having a big weight loss or fitness goal can be daunting. Check out the 7-day motivation thread. (People are friendly there!) The idea is to post your goals for a week (for example, mine are no refined sugar or white flour, an hour of movement a day, 1200-1500 calories a day) and then report in as to whether you've met your goals. Everybody has different goals.

I think the goal setting is a great idea because it's our meeting these goals that are going to lead to the results we want.

Tereza41 03-09-2013 04:34 AM

Thanks Carolynnq
Hullo Carol

Sorry not to have answered sooner. Hang my head in shame to say I forgot all about Fitday.

Will reread your advice..and go and set up some goals, and look into the 7day site.

Thank you for answering my Newbie message. Are we going to be online buddies? Can we meet here every day? Please? Just so that I can feel connected. I need the feeling of having some one to talk to, and to be encouraged with.

It is hard to go on diet when you live alone. I comfort eat, and dont have anyone to tell me I cant eat this or that. Or get up and move around a bit, get the blood cirulating. Know what I mean?

Hope to hear from you tomorow morning.

Have a good day (its just going on dawn, Saturday morning here)

carolynnq 03-10-2013 11:09 PM

I comfort eat too. And boredom eat. And procrastination eat (when I should be working on something, instead I'll mindlessly go looking for food).

My first goals are to lose some weight and become more fit. But my longer term goals are to break the comfort/boredom/procrastination eating patterns.

What are your goals?

Tereza41 03-11-2013 04:54 PM

Hullo Carolynnq
thank you for your reply. It was great coming and seeing an email from you.

Am still having problems getting into Fitday.... I log on several times before I am accepted. Must have something to do with the dreadful heat we are experiencing today.

Went into the 7 day motivational site... I need to spend more time in ther and read more, but for today there is no time.

I also know there is somewhere in the site that I can go in and write up my calorie intake, present weight, goals.

To tell you the truth, I am to scared to get onto the scales. Good scales in my bedroom. Last time I looked I was pushing 92 kg.

1) So my first goal is to get back down to 90kg, which is a small thing but hard to do.
2) Second thing is to try to drink more water.

3) I know I should not drink coffee, it is too acid making, and acid body keeps on weight. But have dropped from two cups filter coffee a day to just one wake me up in the morning.

4) Cut back on the dairy... which is hard for me because I am a vegeterian and soya products dont agree with me (glutin) But I dont eat that much cheese anyway. And only take milk in my coffee and in my morning porridge.. about half a cup a day in all.

5) and fruit. I love fruit, but think I am eating too much of it, cut back somehow.

Ok, promiss to weight myself on Friday morning. Scared or not scared of the scales.

Today was an active day. Two young people came at 10 and picked me up, went shopping at the mall. Stopped for lunch. They drank huge glasses of fruit juice, I had water with ice. They ate big wrapes with chichen and stuff, chips on the side. I had oven roast vegs on a large slice of health rye bread. No chips. We got back home on 2. That is a long time for me to be out, and now plus the heat, I am very tired.

Supper will be.... fruit. A large mango, a peach, two stalks celery and a piece of cheese... later on will have one slice toasted multigrain bread, butter, and thin cheese... open sandwich.

You seem to be doing OK Carolynnq. Hope you have done well today, and do even better tomorrow.

carolynnq 03-14-2013 05:01 AM

Tereza, I wrote a nice long reply to your last post yesterday or the day before and now I see it's not there. I haven't had any problems logging in to fitday, but several of my posts haven't gone through.

Get on your scale! I was afraid to as well - I told myself I'd just go by how my clothes felt. But they get tighter so gradually that you can really put on a lot of weight without noticing (or you notice, but keep fooling yourself). Once I weighed myself and saw I was at an all-time high - that was motivation to do something.

Losing weight is a long, slow process (seems unfair when it goes on so quickly and easily!), so start now. I like the quote that is something like "A year from now, you don't want to look back and say 'I wish I had started losing weight a year ago.'"

Do you have some simple goals to strive for? Mine are no sugar and white flour; 1200-1500 calories a day; and an hour of extra movement a day (yard work, walking, yoga, exercise bike - whatever I feel like that gets me up and moving).

Consider each day a success when you meet your goals. Don't focus on weight loss. Losing weight will happen, but in the meantime you'll be developing good habits.

chelegwa 03-14-2013 01:37 PM

HI all

I just joined this website, love it. I am the biggest I have been. I went for a fitness boot camp, first weekend of March and I am just trying to keep it up really. Lost 5lbs last week. and I am hoping I can use this website to keep a tag on my food intake as I am very much unaware of how many calories I am consuming a day. I have just had lunch and I am just under 900cal. I am planning to go for a walk in a minute.

I am 5ft 3in and currently weigh 15st 11lb. I plan to get down to 11st in a year's time. :)

Tereza, i will be happy to know how you are doing, I am turning 35 by the way.

Tereza41 03-14-2013 02:29 PM

Hullo Carolnn and Chelegwa.

Thanks to both of you for your input. Makes me feel like I am not alone.

We are still experiencing such terrible heat. I go outside and do my garden watering and bits of digging and stuff while it is still cool. But by about 7 it starts to get hot already. So What I am saying is that I am still not getting on my walking machine, but have all great intentions of doing so when the weather cools down.

Not cut back on the cheese. Am a sucker for cheese, and have still got three slabs of it in my fridge. I eat a piece about the size o my index finger each evening with my two sticks of raw celery.

Was out and gone by 7 this morning, had porrige with skim milk and a banana for breakfast. Baught peaches for me and my teacher before art class, but also ate a packet of peanuts for my lunch. And have not been able to drink much water.

But... yay and hoo ray.. yesterday I managed to drink two whole litres of water and two cups of coffee!!! For me that is a big plus. Seeing as how I will be home all day tomorrow I aim todrink two liters again.

I discovered a great thing. I am able to drink a whole cup of water at one go, with no fuss, but not a glass of water. Must be psycological... but what ever works ... works so dont knock it.

Another thing is I prepare 2 x 1 liter bottls of tap water, add a small pick of baking power to make it alkaline, and drink that through the day.

Chele... well done with your boot camp. Wish you all the best. But you are soo young, you must get slim and enjoy life.

Now I am soo hot sitting her in front of the computer I am going to have a cold shower to cool down and get back to my art table.

Carolynnq, thank you for your support, just by keeping incontact. How you doing with the drink water?

Regards to both of you

carolynnq 03-14-2013 04:52 PM

Welcome, chelegwa. I like the calorie counter too. I was eating good foods (not processed junk), but way too much. Keeping track of foods consumed keeps me accountable. When I reach for some almonds, I now think about adding the calories to the food log, and it makes me think about whether I'm really hungry.

Tereza - I could eat cheese all day. I like it with celery too - also with apple slices. I don't keep track of water. I drink a lot of tea (both green and black) during the day. Tea and water are my main two drinks. Women do need about 8 cups of liquid a day. But a portion of that will come from foods (tomatoes and watermelon are about 90% water; other fruits and vegetables also contain water). Other liquids you drink also count towards that total (coffee, tea, milk, juice, beer, etc.). If it's hot or you're exercising a lot, you'll need more water. Basically, if you're not feeling thirsty and your urine is light yellow, you're getting enough water.

As to coffee, I'd drink a cup or two a day if I didn't get caffeine withdrawal headaches from it (tea doesn't bother me). There are health benefits associated with it and caffeine can suppress appetite.

Tereza41 03-15-2013 01:45 PM

Hullo Carolynn

Changed the title of my posts. Koeksuster. It is sort of like a doughnut, but it is in the shape of a plate. The dough is about as thick as a finger, three strips plaited together, Pinched closed at the top and bottom, about as long as a hand. There is sugar in the dough. It is deep fried in oil and when golden brown taken out of the hot oil and dropped into a basin of syurp made of sugar, water and lemon juice. The bowl or basin is suspended in a bigger bowl willed with ice cubes to keep the syrup chilled. The koeksuster is left in the syrup for a few munites to soak up as much syrup as possible, taken out and sit in a deep tray were it continues to soak in its syrup. The out come is a crisp outside crunchy sweet layer of dough while the inside is just dripping with syrup soaked heaven!

These are sualy, or should I say, best made with eggs. They are devine if you have a sweet tooth. On the other hand, some one like me who is egg intolerant, can eat the ones made from ordanary bread dough made the same way. Not that I have had any for y ears and years.

Back to my diet. Yes, I got on the scales this morning. After bath.. naked as the day I was born... horrors... 92kg.
Today I started looking into the weight and food report log Not had much success in loging up food cos I cant realy find what I need. But I did update my weight to 92, having first put in 90 kg when I started.

About the white or yellow urine... it is only after drinking a cup of coffee that my urine is yellow, or first thing in the m orning. Usualy it is white... and I dont often get thirsty. Not done my water drinking today.. two cups coffee, and i liter water.. my bad.

On the other hand... a good point. Have got only one pkt of rice thins left, which will probably be finished by next week, then I dont buy any more. My best policy is if I dont have it I dont eat it.

When I was at the Mall early this week I went intothe book store... they did not have the south African calorie counter, so it looks like I am going to have to look for something on line.

Have spent far too many hours seated infront of the computer, catching wup with my emals, and sorting my photographic files. Stuff that must be done. Now it is time for me to do some painting.
We speak tomorrow. Wish you luck, as y ou would wish me luck.

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