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I'm sorry I haven't been able to respond to everyone. I've just been super busy. After the fundraiser tomorrow, it should die down for me.

My kitchen is closed. Even though I'm at my smallest deficit for this week, I'm still at -1175
Starting weight, Monday = 197.4, Tuesday 194.8, Wednesday 192.2, Thursday 190.8

My goals for the next couple weeks:
1) Lose 7 pounds (PER WEEK) (-6.6 pounds so far)
2) 100+ ounces of water per day over a gallon, yes, yes
3) post daily yes, yes, yes
4) take all vitamins daily yes, yes, yes
5) have fun and help raise a lot of money for Johnny on Thursday

Oh and Donna, I'll have you know that not only did I update my sig as you requested, but I also took before pics on Monday and I've been taking scale pics every morning. Sadly, my before pics look similar to my 210# pics, not quite but close. My plan is to do this diet for 2 weeks (started Mar 11th) with a goal of 14 pounds. Then I plan on dropping another 6 pounds in the following 2 weeks. So my goal is 20 pounds in 1 month. I'll probably post my pics at the 2 week and 1 month mark. I would honest like to me 25-30 pounds by my birthday in May. How's that for FINALLY being accountable?

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