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Originally Posted by Wylie7 View Post
I find I get really cold when I don't get enough calories or wait too long between meals. It's the cold that doesn't go away either. Could you not be eating enough calories?

I have found the opposite is true lately since I've been ramping up my exercise and seem to be eating just the right amount. I've been way too hot (and today it is snowing where I am). I can't sleep at night and I sweat constantly. My last few pounds seem to be melting away too...
You could be right. Fitday has "told" me that I can eat up to 2200 calories per day to lose weight...I've actually been averaging about 1700. But usually I'm absolutely satisfied with what I'm eating.

I do get plenty of exercise (4 days a week, an hour on the treadmill or combo treadmill and weight bench, yardwork and housework on weekends and we live on 2.3 acres on a hill, so yard work is WORK). It's mainly between meals, so maybe I need to space my meals and snacks a bit better.

This morning I was freezing, and had a tree order come in so went out to take it to the storage shed prior to customer pick up. The wind is howling, it's about 45 degrees not counting windchill and we have snow on the way. While I was out there, I guess my pilot light came on or something cause now I'm warm again.

Thanks for the advice folks!

Chris--aka 'montanacricket'
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