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I've been through phases of cereal over the past few years. For a while I ate Special K Protein, then looked at the ingredients (HFCS, I believe...but I think they may be changing/have changed that). Then I switched to Kashi Go Lean...until the news that they were using GMO ingredients.

When I eat cereal now, it's usually as a snack. When I have it for a meal, it just doesn't get me the protein and/or fiber I need (most of the dedicated fiber cereals have artificial sweeteners that I try to avoid). These days I usually pick one of the Cascadian Farms ones or one of the Kashi ones that is clearly labeled organic. Our store has good deals occasionally and there are sometimes coupons available. And sometimes I just go with the old standard of plain Cheerios (Honey Nut if I'm jonesing for something sweet ).

Might be interesting to start a thread called What's Your Breakfast? You might get some ideas that way . (LOL...great minds...I see you already did that!).

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