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tpea-I hear what you are saying. The same thing has happened to me. Two years ago I lost 23 lbs in about 4 months by eating healthy and doing zumba each day. I was diligent and consistent. Well, I unfortunately fell off the routine...especially after a 3 week road trip that included a week at mom's house....My mom shows love through LOTS of great home cooked meals....anyway, I slowly gained much of the weight back (140 lbs down to 117 lbs and up to 135). So I said to myself, "I've done this before, I can do this again, I'll just work out to zumba, I know the food choices that work for me" Three weeks in it....nothing! I started getting discouraged and quite honestly still am I little..but here is the deal...I know that eventually it will pay off anyway. I'm eating healthy and exercising. I don't starve myself..just choose fruits and veggies more often and try filling up on those mostly before I have the "heavier" foods. One thing I will mention. When I went for my physical and had my blood drawn my thyroid function has definitely changed. Two years ago I was at 1....this year it was listed at 3.9 (At most labs in the U.S., the normal range is from around 0.5 to 5.5. However, as of spring 2003, some experts are recommending that labs revise the range from .3 to 3.0.) I am now just shy of 43 years old and I know that our metabolism can change. If my thyroid is also fluctuating it can cause the stagnation I see in terms of having more difficulty losing the weight this time around. I bring it up because I think you should continue your workouts for all the things we know are good about it. However, I think it's also good to be aware of any medical issues that might be going on as well. For me, my doctor says that even though it has changed, I'm still in "normal" levels (and I'm not in any rush to have any meds if I can avoid it). I have, however, researched foods to help keep my thyroid healthy. I'll see if that brings about any changes for me. I'm slowly plugging away and have lost a couple of pounds. (This morning I weighed 132.5 but it's not my "official" weigh in. I weigh in on Mondays and record those in my weight loss goal.) Anyway sorry for being so long-winded. Good Luck!
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