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Good Morning All!

I have had a really great first week being back on track and the scale has been really rewarding, as well. Pulled out a pair of black, skinny cords that I loved to wear with some boots last winter and they fit great... Yea! It's amazing at what just 5 lbs. can do. BUT, now is the weekend, where I always fall on my face. I have to find a way to stay on track with hubby always wanting to indulge in one food or another. Ugh. Daughter will be going back tomorrow, which will allow me more time to do walking and other things that should help.

Sorry to hear about all the things that are going on right now. As you know, my daughter is about the same age, so I know what it can be like at times. We try to walk a fine line between "being mom" and letting them adventure into full adulthood... Sometimes seamlessly and sometimes with a thud. Sometimes, I think the best we can to with young adults, is to lead by example and eventually, they seem to follow. I wanted to clean up my daughter's eating and was unsuccessful. It was only after she started dated a guy that attended West Point last year that she suddenly "found" exercise, proper eating and training... Go figure. Be patient. When she has had enough of clothes that don't fit, dressing room nightmares, etc., like all of us, she'll come around. Think of it like trying to talk an alcoholic into giving up drinking if they don't want to. Eventually, she'll come to the right conclusion... It just takes time.

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