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bojibridge 01-07-2013 11:28 AM

7 Day Motivational Thread for 1/7/2013
Yay, I get to start the first thread in the new year! (Hey, it's the little things, you know?)

I'm up so early! Unfortunately I have class around 9 AM every day of the week this semester. I know to those of you who live in the real world, that's not early, but I'm use to setting my own schedule, and it's early to me! Blech.

The scale tells me my weight is still heading down, so that's good. Whenever I try to just exercise, or just eat well, I never see the consistent results that I do when I do both together. Seems obvious, doesn't it? A surprisingly hard pill to swallow...

Anywho, looking forward to another week of this stuff with you guys :)

(I guess I should post goals - later!)

Robingen 01-07-2013 12:56 PM

Hi Joanna

Welcome to the new term. Me too, I am starting bunch of stuff this week and so scheduling will be the key to both exercise and healthy eating.

I find that if I am not working out I also don't care what I eat. Versus working out regular and watching what I eat. Kinda black and white huh.

One of my goals is to bring my own lunch to work. Otherwise (well I am sure others have been there) fast foods are just too easy. So my noon hour plan is to eat a healthy lunch and work versus spend the hour in a drive through line getting something gross that I will eat in my car.


canary52 01-07-2013 02:24 PM


1) stretch every day
2) plan food (seems to be working)
3) stay close to plan
4) drink 6 glasses of water
5) keep track of water
6) meditate (it really helps)
7) practice Spanish at least a half hour a day if not more
8) be professional
9) Do not JAD, explain I think is OK (justify, argue, defend)
10) Light exercise 3x min this week without doing anything to further upset my back or knees

Joanna, thanks for starting us off!!! I look forward to seeing your goals. 9 am IS early lol.

Robin, I try to bring lunch when I am not working at home. And planning has been good for me. I apologize if my plan posts have been boring but it helps and it's easy to do it here and have it to look at. And here comes another one...

canary52 01-07-2013 02:27 PM

egg whites, mushrooms, scallions and ham (seems to work)
turkey or ham sammie with lettuce
fish and veg

I am DETERMINED to lose these last 7 pounds!!!!! DETERMINED do ya hear me? DETERMINED!!!!

Mern 01-07-2013 02:43 PM

Joanna, thanks for starting the thread. Sorry 'bout your early schedule, but we know you are a super busy lady all day long after you wake up, so you are entitled to BLECHing. Kudos on your scale heading down after watching both diet AND exercise. That's key for me, too--I can't lose unless I do both. And yes, indeed, it IS a hard pill to swallow. Yup, post your goals later. :)

Robin, I have never stopped to take note of whether I eat decently when not working out, but now that I think of it, if I'm off the wagon foodwise I usually am NOT working out because I know it takes hours of exercise to work off a jelly doughnut. Kudos on taking your lunch to work!

OK, I have to confess that while I was super good foodwise during the day this weekend, at night I lost my willpower. I'm blaming that on the strawberry cheesecake DH made that I CHOSE to not resist. BUT what I COULD HAVE DONE since I didn't resist was to take the time to look up a recipe for and make sugar free no-bake cheesecake that's made with cream cheese and gelatin. Not as yummy as the real thing but close enough that I'd really enjoy it and could easily have stayed on track.

Freshly inspired by Joanna and Robin, I'm headed back to the YMCA today for a cardio class. Thanks, ladies! :)

Today's menu in small meals:
Flaxmeal muffin and a low carb protein shake
Black soybeans with ham
Dreamfields low digestible carb spaghetti with low carb spaghetti sauce
Nuked haddock and cole slaw made with ranch dressing
Zero cholesterol egg substitute omelet with mushrooms
Snacks: another protein shake, almonds, cucumber with a mashed black soybean spread of some sort

Mern 01-07-2013 02:48 PM

Hope, your posts are NOT boring! I love them and they help me a lot. Don't apologize! I have a big pile of rocks gathered for a certain someone but my suitcase is AWFULLY heavy. I'll meet you at the hotel in Slidell, Louisiana if he doesn't show up here today! ;)

Mern 01-07-2013 03:00 PM

This week's goals same as always because even though I'm not losing weight as fast as I'd like, except for the experimental calorie range, I know the rest of these goals are best for my health:

Calorie range: 1600-1800
Cholesterol limit average of 250mg
Sat fat limit average of 10% of total calories
Net carb limit (deducting fiber) average of 25g
Fiber minimum average of 25g
Protein minimum average of 120g
Exercise five days
Water 64 oz.

canary52 01-07-2013 03:06 PM


Originally Posted by Mern (Post 93836)
Hope, your posts are NOT boring! I love them and they help me a lot. Don't apologize! I have a big pile of rocks gathered for a certain someone but my suitcase is AWFULLY heavy. I'll meet you at the hotel in Slidell, Louisiana if he doesn't show up here today! ;)

Mern, you're on (re rocks in Slidell)!!! I could use to get the ol' arm in shape.

Also there is a brand Eli's Cheesecake that makes a good sugar free one but it uses Equal. And I'm not sure if you can get it where you are.

BTW I substituted goat cheese for the ham in my egg white omelet. Goat cheese, scallions, mushrooms, egg whites. Very good. I find I like egg whites better than egg substitute but that's me.

Your menu looks so interesting!!!! I feel like mine is kinda the same all the time and unexciting but hey...if it works...

I love how you respond to everyone and how closely you read posts. You're good!! Now we just got to get what's his name back. Ready? Aim...

Mern 01-07-2013 03:20 PM

http://redtrouserdays.files.wordpres...ocks.jpg?w=590 Hope, is this yours or mine? To whomever it belongs, it'll help get an arm in shape. ;) Ooh, that goat cheese, scallion, mushroom omelet sounds good. I've been using half regular egg subsititute and half egg whites (also from a pourable carton) in my omelets to give them a lighter texture. A lot of times I stick with my "same old, same old" standby food, but when I start getting bored I aim to try a couple new foods, combos, or recipes per week. I don't always read the posts closely enough--sometimes I misread, so if ever you see I've done that, please point it out to me.

Mern 01-07-2013 03:28 PM

I haven't seen Eli's brand of anything around here, but I do use Equal or any other brand of aspartame. I use Splenda or any other brand of sucralose or maltodextrin and sucralose combo only in baking, if necessary for the proper texture because if I eat too much of it, it causes me to stall out or gain weight.

That reminds me, I accidentally made my flaxmuffins once and forgot to put in the Splenda. They came out more heavy and moist, but tasted fine. I may experiment with that that recipe to try to make the texture better without any sweetener besides what's already in the low carb whey protein powder.

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