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1) stretch every day: Yes, Yes, yes, yes
2) plan food (seems to be working): Yes, Yes, yes, yes
3) stay close to plan: Ummm, no Yes? ?
4) drink 6 glasses of water: 6, 7 IDK 7
5) keep track of water: Yes, yes No yes
6) meditate (it really helps): Yes, yes, yes, yes
7) practice Spanish at least a half hour a day if not more: Si, Nada quince minutos in the middle of the night
8) be professional: Yes, yes ish, got a "consultation" yes
9) Do not JAD, explain I think is OK (justify, argue, defend): Yes, yes no, argued; no argued My DD is furious at me becaude I told her that she is "on the road to obesity." Maybe not the best thing to say to an 18 year old but I have tried sparing her feelings and I am worried about her health. She knows how I feel and I know she feels bad but I wish she would DO something. She went to the gym once in th emonth she was here (when I went.) She complains about her back and arms being sore, complains about her big belly, then eats so much sugar and junk. And with our family history... I'm afraid. So she's going back to school Sat but she's furious, says she won't come back, etc. etc. I keep thinking about Mike's thread about excuses... I know it's hard. But am I supposed to watch my DD kill herself with food and say nothing?
10) Light exercise 3x min this week without doing anything to further upset my back or knees: NO, NO, NO, NO may have to take this off my list because I got up from a chair, my knee gave out and I fell down, my knee replacement has been moving to a very painful place and now I need to go to the doctor for that. But I will try upper body stuff

Gained weight, feel discouraged. Sorry for the buzzkill. But I am still determined to be professional (write) meditate and try to eat well, if it kills (or hopefully saves) me.
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