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Mike!!!! Welcome back!!! Sorry your back is out. Now I feel bad and can't even throw a pebble at ya.

Robin and Cassie thanks for the support on the meal plans tho I did kinda take a detour with the chicken parm tonight. That was tomorrow's plan. lol. I didn't eat THAT much of and the whole wheat pasta but man I was full.

Lisa welcome back!!! So glad to hear the good news about Sara!!! Good to get things moving in a good direction now. BTW I don't think eggs are bad. Sounds like you have some good menu ideas.

Tori, you and WHN sound like me and DH when we were first married: I used to say we were like ships that pass out in the night (instead of like ships that pass in the night...never mind.) You'll get back on track! Mern has rocks lol!!!
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