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Originally Posted by Mern View Post
Hope, is this yours or mine? To whomever it belongs, it'll help get an arm in shape. Ooh, that goat cheese, scallion, mushroom omelet sounds good. I've been using half regular egg subsititute and half egg whites (also from a pourable carton) in my omelets to give them a lighter texture. A lot of times I stick with my "same old, same old" standby food, but when I start getting bored I aim to try a couple new foods, combos, or recipes per week. I don't always read the posts closely enough--sometimes I misread, so if ever you see I've done that, please point it out to me.
This picture is too funny and he's missing it. I usually can't eat the same foods all the time - high boredom factor. I "slipped" and ate my homemade chicken parm tonight and now my tummy hurts. Maybe some of thsose rocks are for me! Feel like I swallowed some!! Like Kronos and his children!!
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